​Man​ United ចង់ឲ្យPogbaធ្វើដូចគ្រាដែលលក់​Ronaldo ទៅ​កាន់​Real​

ពាក្យចចាអារ៉ាម​របស់ Paul Pogba ពីការ​​ចាកចេញ​ពី Old Trafford ហើយ​ផ្លាស់​ទៅ​ចូលរួម​នៅ​ទ្រនំថ្មីនោះ គឺ​ជា​មន្ទិល​សង្ស័យ​មួយដែលធ្វើឲ្យអ្នកគាំទ្រ​​វិស័យ​កីឡា​បាល់ទាត់​ជុំវិញ​ពិភពលោកចង់ដឹង។​

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Man United want Pogba to do the same thing as Ronaldo's return to Real?Paul Pogba's rumors of leaving Old Trafford and moving to the new home


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khMan Utd reveals two top-flight players in Pogba exit
Manchester United may import Tottenham's Christian Eriksen and Borussia Dortmund's Jadon Sancho if Paul Pogba leaves the club during the summer transfer window, according to the Daily Mail.
khMan Utd have no bid for Pogba from any club yet
Australia News: Paul Pogba's departure from Manchester United appears to have appeared
Real Madrid will spend 180 million...
soccerReal Madrid will spend 180 million euros to sign Pogbakh
Manchester United have made it clear they do not want to sell Paul Pogba this summer but the Frenchman has said he wants to have a new challenge,


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Real Madrid must sell a player for...
Real Madrid must sell a player for Paul Pogba, while Bale will continue to playkh
According to a report from the Marca newspaper, Gareth Bale is likely to stay at the Bernabeu this summer, and Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane


Tiger Brewery leads the championship...
Tiger Brewery leads the championship "TIGER STREET FOOTBALL FESTIVAL 2019" on a visit to Brazil to meet world number one RONALDINHO!kh
Phnom Penh: On the night of July 16, 2019, the Brewery Brewery team led the championship of the "Tiger Street Football Festival 2019" tournament in Brazil, meeting with world-class footballer Ronaldo de Assis Moreira


Ogana Nasri Sire believes he can make...
Ogana Nasri Sire believes he can make Paul Poka the best playerkh
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes he can still make Paul Pogba the best player if He remains at Old Trafford. United States will save Pok Bum unless


Tiger Beer leads TIGER STREET...
Tiger Beer leads TIGER STREET FOOTBALL FESTIVAL 2019 tour in Brazil to meet world-class footballer "RONALDINHO"kh
Photograph: Heng Chivoan / Phnom Penh Post On the night of July 16, 2019, the Brewery Brewery team led the champions of the Tiger Street Football Festival 2019 tour in Brazil to meet world number one Ronaldo de Assis Morei


Man Utd beat Leeds 4-0 in pre-season...
Man Utd beat Leeds 4-0 in pre-season friendlykh
On Wednesday, Frenchman Paul Pogba showed his formidable appearance as the Under-21 side struggled with their pre-season campaign with a victory over Leeds4-0. Faced with critical criticism,


Recent news that he wants to abort...
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There are probably very few people who know that 34 years ago the frontman was almost nonexistent in the world. One day in mid-1984, Dolores Aveiro, in Fengcheng, was pregnant. The battle is Cristiano


Eden Hazard denies Ronaldo's 7th...
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The Sun said Eden Hazard was refusing to accept Cristiano Ronaldo's seventh shirt


Ronaldo believes De Ligt is ready to...
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Matthijs de Ligt flies to Turin to prepare for medical exam ...


RONALDO and NEYMAR, the world's top...
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Sport: Recently, through this video clip activity, which is getting the attention of people around the world, the two (Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar) appear in the commercials. A product of telecommunication company


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