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Kh News drops a bite over a person who criticizes her to buy a car for her fatherPhnom Penh: Comedian Ms. Kang has reacted strongly.

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Kh News excited instead ... Lonely,...
Kh News excited instead ... Lonely, she bought a car for her dear father and attached a short message
Amused instead ! Silently, Ms. Kheng buy a car for her father and attach a short message that ... a large audience is very well known. The famous comedian in Cambodia is Ms. Sreng


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It's Near! Suddenly, Kai's future...
It's Near! Suddenly, Kai's future husband, Kang, turned to something like this - MediaKhmerkh
Recently, comedian Ngan gave a shock to the public, revealing that she planned to get married soon afterwards with Ciao after years of intimate look. Earlier, Kang was told that Kei had been deported because of playing sports.


Wishing it sooner! It's almost time...
Wishing it sooner! It's almost time for you to get in touch with Ms. Kang, and then the boss meets the same thingkh
On July 16, 2019, these days, Ms. Sreng Gong Kanda called her wedding breaks, which will enter the wedding on August 7, 2019, shortly afterwards. In front of the women's residence


To congratulate Mrs. Kung and the...
To congratulate Mrs. Kung and the Chief of the Poor, they will join each other in the event that will host the
She is a famous comedian in the band and the station CTN. The comedian always causes a great explosion to the masses by a not-so-famous vampire.


She decided to get married with her...
She decided to get married with her cousin in August!kh
(Phnom Penh): A comedian, a nymph, a trolleys, a nun, a nun, who are known to be the wife of the head, after they have been together for years and have now decided to marry in the tradition. In August. News


Wishing it well soon! It's almost...
Wishing it well soon! It's almost time for you to go to Kang Kong, and then the boss meets the same
Wishing it well soon! Along with the arrival of Kang Kong, suddenly the boss met this story .. On July 16, 2019, just days later, Ms. Sreng Sophea has called her divorce from her marriage, which will Enter the wedding party with


Finally, comrade Srey Nong Comedy...
Finally, comrade Srey Nong Comedy will enter theaters next month with the PMkh
Photograph: Sreng Meng Srun / Phnom Penh Post Finally, the female comedian, who is currently living up to the title, received both a new home and a second husband Which is linked to nature together, seem to be a couple, are men, artistic professionals...


Near the wedding! My future husband...
Near the wedding! My future husband is facing such a thingkh
Like many fans have recently been shocked by the popularity of popular comedian, Kang made a public announcement with the upcoming concert. This, in which both of you worked hard


Just recently got home and recently,...
Just recently got home and recently, Nget puts up a new carkh
PHNOM PENH: Believe me, there are certainly not many fans who know about actress Tep Bun, who is the heroine in "Khmer Teachers", with her talent and support. Through her performance in the past, together


Kuoch Kwein exploded heavy criticism...
Kuoch Kwein exploded heavy criticism of some officialskh
Phnom Penh: A popular TV show leader and the support of most of the crowd, Mr. Kouch Kvin, over the last few years. There are cases where some officials have used inappropriate action through profit and exploitation


Congratulations! Funny comedians and...
Congratulations! Funny comedians and heads now have good news!kh
Yesterday, the famous comedian Sreng Sophea Kheng, named Kang, posted a message describing the good news and her husband, the Prime Minister, shocking the masses. In that, Kheng recounted: "Since we used to use private life


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