Gene Simmons Really Likes That New Pokemon That Looks Like Gene Simmons

Obstagoon looks very much like Gene Simmons and Gene Simmons likes very much that he looks like Obstagoon.

(Translated) ហ្សែម​ស៊ីម៉ន​ពិតជា​ចូលចិត្ត​ Pokemon ​ថ្មី​ដែល​មើលទៅ​ដូចជា​ហ្សែម​ស៊ីម​មែន​។​ Obstagoon ​មើលទៅ​ដូចជា​ហ្សែម​ស៊ីម​មែន​និង​ហ្សែម​ស៊ីម៉ន​ចូលចិត្ត​ខ្លាំង​ណាស់​ដែល​គាត់​មើលទៅ​ដូចជា​អូស្ទីន​ដុន​។

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