Storm Dorian makes landfall in Canada

Dorian hit Nova Scotia late on Saturday with winds of 100mph, cutting power to 450,000 homes.

(Translated) ​ព្យុះដូរៀនធ្វើការវាយប្រហារនៅកាណាដា Dorian បានវាយប្រហារ Nova Scotia កាលពីល្ងាចថ្ងៃសៅរ៍ជាមួយនឹងកម្លាំងខ្យល់ ១០០ ម៉ែល / ម៉ោងដោយកាត់ផ្តាច់ថាមពលដល់ ៤៥០.០០០ ខ្នងផ្ទះ

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Piles of rubble and splintered homes are slowing down search efforts in the Bahamas
Ravaged infrastructure slowed down search and recovery efforts in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian left behind a mess of splintered buildings, torn-off roofs, snapped power poles and scattered vehicles.
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Dorian is no longer a hurricane but its winds are causing damage in Canada
Dorian tore across Canada's Atlantic coast early Sunday, knocking out power to half a million customers despite losing some strength after leaving the United States.
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Hurricane Dorian path: Post-tropical cyclone ravages Nova Scotia as crane collapses
HURRICANE DORIAN has ravaged Nova Scotia in Canada causing a crane to collapse on a building and trees to be uprooted. months

While No Longer a Hurricane, Dorian...
While No Longer a Hurricane, Dorian Still Inflicts Damage on Canada
More than 450,000 homes and businesses in three provinces were without power on Saturday as the storm, downgraded from a Category 2 hurricane struck the coast.

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Dorian Makes Landfall in Nova Scotia
usaDorian Makes Landfall in Nova Scotia
Dorian, which briefly reached a Category 2 hurricane Saturday afternoon but was quickly downgraded, made landfall over Nova Scotia on Saturday evening as a post-tropical cyclone, with maximum-sustained winds of 160 kilometers per hour (100 mph),

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Dorian Expected to Make Landfall in...
usaDorian Expected to Make Landfall in Nova Scotia
Hurricane Dorian strengthened to a Category 2 storm for a few hours Saturday as it headed toward the east coast of Canada, weather officials said.

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usaHurricane Dorian: Hundreds flee chaos in storm-ravaged Bahamas
The death toll rises to 43 as desperate survivors scramble to evacuate the Bahamas.

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Hurricane Dorian update: Threat to lives as hurricane weather hits 50 miles inland
HURRICANE DORIAN’S centre is currently hugging the US eastern coast as torrential rain, strong hurricane-force winds, storm surge and tornadoes thrash North Carolina. months

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HURRICANE DORIAN could have caused a “staggering” death toll officials from the Bahamas have confirmed. months

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Hurricane Dorian has hit the Southeastern U.S.

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The world is focused on the Bahamas, where thousands are just beginning the long and painful struggle to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Dorian. International search-and-rescue teams are spreading across Abaco and Grand Bahamas islands looking

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Hurricane Dorian is the storm that just won’t go away. After leaving a horrific trail of destruction in the Bahamas over the weekend, the storm has meandered to the northwest where it’s starting to cause rapidly deteriorating conditions in the

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Hurricane Dorian pummeled the mid-Atlantic U.S. coast Thursday with drenching rains and powerful winds, while threatening to inundate low-lying coastal lands with surging storm water of two meters or more. The storm,, currently a Category 2

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In Bahamas, Stories of Survival From Hurricane Dorian
Harrowing tales have trickled out as officials in the Bahamas begin to take stock of the storm’s toll.

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usaForeign aid arrives in the Bahamas to bolster Hurricane Dorian relief efforts
Days after Hurricane Dorian inflicted "generational devastation" on islands in the Bahamas, foreign aid has arrived to support rescue efforts, feed the displaced and assess damage that's being described in apocalyptic terms.

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