WoW Classic hackers are already ruining the game

It seems that WoW Classic hackers have finally arrived, spoiling the fun for those of us who prefer to play our games with integrity.

(Translated) ​ពួក​ Hacker WoW Classic ​កំពុងតែ​បំផ្លាញ​ហ្គេម​ហើយ​ វាហាក់ដូចជាថាពួក Hacker WoW Classic ទីបំផុតបានមកដល់ហើយដោយបំផ្លាញភាពសប្បាយរីករាយដល់ពួកយើងដែលចូលចិត្តលេងល្បែងរបស់យើងដោយសេចក្តីស្មោះត្រង់

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