Orange Is the New Black: What happened to Stella? Where is Ruby Rose now?

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK fan favourite Stella wasn’t seen on the Netflix series beyond season 4 but what happened to her? Here’s all you need to know as well as where actress Ruby Rose is now.

(Translated) ​ប្លែក​គឺជា​អ្នកគាំទ្រ​ថ្មី​របស់​ប៊្លុក​ដែល​មិន​ត្រូវបាន​គេ​ឃើញ​នៅលើ​អិច​អេស​អិល​លើស​ពី​រដូវកាល ៤ ​ប៉ុន្តែ​តើ​មាន​អ្វី​កើតឡើង​ចំពោះ​នាង​? ​នេះ​ជា​អ្វី​ដែល​អ្នក​ត្រូវ​ដឹង​ក៏​ដូចជា​កន្លែង​ដែល​តារា​សម្តែង​ Ruby Rose ​ឥឡូវនេះ​

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