Celebrity MasterChef: John Torode stunned as Vicky Pattinson lunges at him - did you see?

CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF aired its final episode tonight of the cooking competition, in which Greg Rutherford was crowned the winner. However, one moment with finalist Vicky Pattinson left judge John Torode speechless.

(Translated) CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF បានចាក់ផ្សាយវគ្គចុងក្រោយរបស់ខ្លួននៅរាត្រីនេះនៃការប្រកួតធ្វើម្ហូបដែលក្នុងនោះហ្គ្រេហ្គររូហ្វដហ្វដត្រូវបានឈ្នះ ទោះយ៉ាងណាមួយសន្ទុះជាមួយកីឡាករចុងក្រោយវីកគីផិនសុនបានធ្វើអោយចៅក្រមចូថូថូតនិយាយដោយឥតសំចៃ។

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