Move over Pixel Watch, OnePlus wants to launch the best new wearable for Android

THE much-rumoured (but still MIA) Google Pixel Watch could be beaten to market by a new wearable from plucky Chinese firm OnePlus. Here’s what could be in store for Android users.

(Translated) ​ផ្លាស់ទី​លើ​ភីក​សែល​ឃ្លាំមើល​ក្រុមហ៊ុន​ OnePlus ​ចង់​ដាក់​បង្ហាញ​ឧបករណ៍​ពាក់​ថ្មី​ដែល​ល្អ​បំផុត​សម្រាប់​ប្រព័ន្ធ​ប្រតិបត្តិការ​ Android

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Last updated: July 20, 2019
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