Brad Gobright: Free solo climber falls to his death

World-renowned climber Brad Gobright has fallen to his death while abseiling in northern Mexico.

(Translated) អ្នកឡើងភ្នំដ៏ល្បីល្បាញលើពិភពលោកគឺលោក Brad Gobright បានដួលស្លាប់នៅនឹងកន្លែងរបស់គាត់ខណៈពេលកំពុងចុះទូកនៅភាគខាងជើងប្រទេសម៉ិកស៊ិក

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Alex Fawcett commented
12d ago

So sad what a loss of a free soul, at least you went doing something you loved, rest in peace:((x


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American rock climber Brad Gobright dies after a fall in Mexico
Mexican officials retrieved his body Thursday and treated his climbing partner for injuries to his ankle and other parts of his body.


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