Native burial sites blown up for US border wall

"Controlled blasting" for Mr Trump's border wall is taking place at sacred gravesites, tribes and lawmakers say.

(Translated) កុលសម្ព័ន្ធនិងសមាជិកសភាបាននិយាយថា“ ការបំផ្ទុះដែលត្រូវបានត្រួតពិនិត្យ” សម្រាប់ជញ្ជាំងព្រំដែនរបស់លោក Trump កំពុងធ្វើឡើងនៅទីបញ្ចុះសពដ៏ពិសិដ្ឋ

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Barbara Fillio commented
10d ago

How would he feel if someone blew up the cemetery his family members were buried in. He probably wouldn’t care because he is not worried about his grandchildren growing up with climate change. Heartless human being 🤬🤯🤥

Reezo Castro commented
11d ago

They must've never heard about what happen on the movie set of POLTERGEIST filming & disturbing NATIVE burial site

Chris Talley commented
11d ago

And that's PRESIDENT Trump. Nor Mr. Think I learned that in elementary school. Disrespectful to the office to call him Mr. No matter what you think of the man. I didnt particularly like President Obama, but he was and will always be President Obama.

Larry Espinoza commented
11d ago

The federal government doest respect the living nor the dead. Sad state affairs.the only thing they care about r them selves. In Washington, DC.

Stephen Jester commented
9d ago

So is there pictures of burial grounds being destroyed? Or is this just a claim?

Lucas Roberts commented
10d ago

Just trying to save us from the real life pet cemetary guys. Lol

Chris IsHere commented
8d ago

of course we have the English Colonists and the Crown to thank for the predicament of Indigenous peoples the world over

Chris Simpson commented
10d ago

Can’t the tribes get some kind of stay through the courts?

Larry Espinoza commented
11d ago

And i dont think. Federal Government. Dont even respect themselves they act like little children . all there antics.

Dale Townsend commented
12d ago

Why dont raul say that on the house floor with pictures, if he can Talk #?

Sue Howells commented
9d ago

What an ignorant article. Where is your outrage about all the other hundreds of sacred burial sites that have been destroyed across the US over the years?

Leeann Sylva-jerry commented
12d ago

I pray the kaitiaki of the whenua be keep safe and what wairua that awakes is karma on those who destroy it😐

Nathanil Epps commented
8d ago

You have to remember Trump wanted a casino on Indian reservation and they beat him in court this is just his way of getting back at them and showing how much he really cares about people of color if you don't go along with Trump he will do everything he can to destroy you. And ruin your reputation his followers and supporters are just as racist and ignorant as he is

Kristin Cooley commented
11d ago

Shame on our leader. That is a disgrace

Martha Lucia Desrosiers commented
9d ago

I hope he goes to jail some day for all the atrocities he has committed!

Maritza Torres Sánchez commented
10d ago

There is a karma law.

Charles Turner commented
9d ago

They gone reap what they've sown

Michael Myke D Deaton commented
11d ago

Oh, I forgot to mention that I am surprised. That Democratic presidential candidate Warren is not down on the border trying to protect it with a shotgun. , since She has claimed to be. an Indian and got a free ride through college by this claim, so she kind of owes it to the Native Americans I'd say.

Twin Brown commented
8d ago


Catherine Roberts commented
10d ago

National security, my ass.

Chester Fletcher commented
7d ago

Go trump, get it done!!!

Greg Huber commented
9d ago


Barlow GeneNconnie commented
9d ago


Holly Abair commented
12d ago

This is reprehensible. There is no excuse to justify this. This administration is disgusting

Heather Calac commented
11d ago

Gail Calac Matt Calac Käylä Renäé Vicki Calac this is messed up !!!!+


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