UK coronavirus: What is the risk of catching coronavirus in the UK?

UK CORONAVIRUS cases now number eight, as health authorities test thousands of people for the infection, now named COVID-19. What is the risk of catching coronavirus in the UK?


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The move comes as the number of UK cases doubles, and ministers toughen rules on quarantine.


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The coronavirus death toll in China has hit an unhappy milestone, topping 1,000 after the center of the outbreak, Hubei province, reported another 103 deaths Monday. Chinese officials say there are now nearly 43,000 confirmed cases across the


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The number of deaths from a coronavirus outbreak in China is nearing 1,000, while an increase in cases in Britain has led the government there to declare the virus a "serious and imminent threat" to public health. Britain reported four new cases


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U.K. Declares Coronavirus ‘Imminent Threat’ as Europe ScramblesThe Coronavirus Outbreak
The declaration lets English public health officials isolate individuals who may have contracted the virus. It came as the number of cases in the country rose to eight on Monday.


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Xi Jinping took tours on Monday of residential areas of Beijing, where he lives, to take photos with government workers.


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Coronavirus: UK cases double as four more people diagnosed
The government issues new powers to force people into quarantine as UK cases double to eight.


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THE coronavirus crisis shows no signs of abating after a record number of deaths yesterday, amid fears the deadly outbreak is more contagious than previously thought.

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Coronavirus: Four more people diagnosed in UK
The new cases bring the total number of people diagnosed in the UK to eight, the government says.



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