The new shoot 'em up from M2 codenamed 'Ikusaba' looks fantastic, is coming to Japanese arcades soon

In case you aren't familiar with M2, you should probably get acquainted. The Japanese developer has partnered with Sega for some of the best retro re-releases to date, but they also break out of that comfort zone to craft new games based on...

(Translated) ការបាញ់កាំជ្រួចថ្មីចេញពី M2 ដែលមានរហស្សនាមថា“ អាយឃុបាបា” មើលទៅអស្ចារ្យដែលនឹងមកដល់ធ្នូរបស់ជប៉ុននាពេលឆាប់ៗនេះ

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Last updated: July 20, 2019
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