Vitamin D deficiency symptoms: Extremely low levels could lead to this serious condition

VITAMIN D is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for strong bones and lacking in the vitamin could lead to a host of problems including this worrying condition. What is it?

(Translated) ​រោគសញ្ញា​កង្វះ​វីតាមីន​ D ​៖​ កម្រិត​ទាប​ខ្លាំង​អាច​នាំឱ្យ​មាន​ស្ថានភាព​ធ្ងន់ធ្ងរ​នេះ​ វីតាមីន​ D ​គឺជា​វីតាមីន​រលាយ​ជាតិ​ខ្លាញ់​ដែល​ចាំបាច់​សម្រាប់​ឆ្អឹង​រឹងមាំ​ហើយ​កង្វះ​វីតាមីន​អាច​បណ្តាលឱ្យ​មាន​បញ្ហា​ជាច្រើន​រួមទាំង​ស្ថានភាព​គួរឱ្យ​ព្រួយបារម្ភ​នេះ​ ​តើ​វា​គឺជា​អ្វី​?​

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VITAMIN D is a nutrient that the body absorbs through direct exposure to the sun so certain groups that do not get enough sun are at an increased risk of a vitamin D deficiency. The sunshine vitamin plays a key role in bone health so lacking the


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