Truckers brave coronavirus outbreak to deliver goods: 'If we stop, the world stops'

Truckers across the country say they've seen no slowdown in factory or food production, and are busily delivering to stores nationwide.

(Translated) ក្រុមអ្នកបើកឡានដឹកអ្នកក្លាហានឆ្លងវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុសវីរុស Coronavirus ឡើងខ្ពស់ដើម្បីដឹកជញ្ជូនទំនិញ៖“ បើយើងឈប់ពិភពលោកនឹងឈប់” រថយន្តដឹកទំនិញនៅទូទាំងប្រទេសនិយាយថាពួកគេមិនបានឃើញការធ្លាក់ចុះនៃផលិតកម្មរោងចក្រឬអាហារទេហើយកំពុងដឹកជញ្ជូនយ៉ាងមមាញឹកដល់ហាងនានាទូទាំងប្រទេស

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James Cornelius commented
16d ago

I have two cousins that haven't bern able to make it home in over two weeks. Truck drivers are the unsung heros in this mess.

Tommy Walters commented
16d ago

I've been a trucker for over 22yrs and the kind words are always appreciated but whether its disaster relief for FEMA or this latest national emergency, its always a pleasure to help our country and customers when they need us most.

Patrick McCann commented
16d ago

I think these guys need a pay hike or at least a nice bonus when this is all done.

Laura Conway McCann commented
15d ago

Thank you truckers! You are heroes! ♥️

Jan Carol Robbins commented
15d ago

Thank you so MUCH!! Take care ! We appreciate all you are doing to help us through this hard time!!!

George D. Aurand commented
16d ago



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