Texas' lieutenant governor suggests grandparents are willing to die for US economy

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick appeared on Fox News' 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' and said the U.S. should go 'back to work.'

(Translated) ​អភិបាល​រង​នៃ​រដ្ឋ​តិចសាស់​បាន​លើកឡើង​ថា​ជីដូន​ជីតា​សុខចិត្ត​ស្លាប់​ដើម្បី​សេដ្ឋកិច្ច​អាមេរិក​ អភិបាលរដ្ឋតិចសាស់លោក Dan Patrick បានបង្ហាញខ្លួននៅលើកញ្ចក់ទូរទស្សន៍ Fox News '' Tucker Carlson Tonight 'ហើយបាននិយាយថាសហរដ្ឋអាមេរិកគួរតែត្រលប់ទៅធ្វើការវិញ

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Steve Gurney commented
14d ago

You should be first in line for making such a ridiculous, irresponsible suggestion, Danny Boy.

Rick Curtis commented
14d ago

Agreed! I’m willing to expose lt gov. Patrick, trump, McConnell, Mnuchin, and the GOP senate to the corona virus in order to protect our economy. Gear them up and send them to NYC hospitals to treat the infected!

Terri A Williams commented
14d ago

Who in their right mind voted for this stupid person?

Shauna Anderson commented
14d ago

In a way he is right, if we are still staying at home into June we really might have another depression on our hands. This will make life very hard, but eventually we will recover. However, if we as a society are at a point where we are willing to sacrifice our Parents/ Grandparents so that we can continue to live in abundance... I don't know if there is any recovering from that. That is not a society I want my children to grow up in.

Betty M Kleckner commented
14d ago

Don't you Texans think its time to vote him out of office? Surely Texas can do better than him. Also time for Mr. Abbot to go.

John Thompson commented
14d ago

Why worry about non-existent Obamacare "death panels" when you have Lt Gov Dan Patrick with the Real Thing?

Mike Smith commented
14d ago

I don’t believe the governor is aware of the millions of immunity- compromised people who would also be endangered, nor do I think he speaks for all of us seniors.

Terri A Williams commented
14d ago

Waiting on faithful Trumpette Tom to come spin this. Come on Tom you can do it!

Julio Rivera Ayala commented
14d ago

Plenty of republicans support appalong BS but once they see an apalling statement like that they balk because it overwhelmingly targets them. If you are a republican know that this is how those immigrants at the border feel with your overwhelmingly dishonest arguments against their lives.

Marc Compton commented
14d ago

I hope Donnie takes his advice and saves his grandchildren. If you could die of ignorance he would already be dead .

Kare Voest commented
14d ago

His family left Europe for the new world because of the plague.

Rosa Washington commented
14d ago

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, 69, please resign.

Lisa Velez commented
14d ago

What he said is despicable and disgraceful.

Larry Niehaus commented
14d ago

A statement so dumb the sycophants haven’t mustered up ridiculous replies yet.

Joe Ruffalo commented
14d ago

Who does this guy think he is? David Koresh. That was Texas too

Steve Griffaw commented
14d ago

Wonder if anyone sees the irony that based on the demographics watching that show he told half the viewership to die for the economy.

Terri A Williams commented
14d ago

But but but I thought Republicans were pro-life, hypocrites.

Chuy Gonzalez commented
14d ago

It's ok if YOU and YOUR grandparents dies. This clown will receive the best medical care money can buy. KEEP VOTING REPUBLICAN.

Jay Phelps commented
14d ago

Dan Patrick is a true Trumper. Making millionaires richer literally matters more than human life. You can't have my senior friends because you want to buy a new car, you soulless ghoul!

George Wakefield commented
14d ago

Well, if LT Gov, aka "I want old people to die!", feels sooooo strongly about this, then maybe he should follow the example set by Buddist Monks. So go out to the State Capital, set yourself on, to prove how committed you are!!

Edward Bazylewicz commented
14d ago

OK Patrick. You first.

David Lindahl commented
14d ago

what an idiot

Steve Griffaw commented
14d ago

Hey Lt Gov F**k you

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