Bodies On Ice Rink as Spain Sees Record Infections, Deaths

Health authorities say Spain has registered a daily record increase in its daily virus infections and deaths. Spain announced 6,584 new coronavirus infections Tuesday, bringing the overall total to 39, 673. The number of deaths also jumped by a


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Spain has now seen more deaths from the coronavirus pandemic than any other country except Italy, with officials warning that the peak of its outbreak has still not been reached.
Spain overtakes China death toll, now has second most deaths from coronavirus after Italy
With cases continuing to rise, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez asked Parliament to approve a request to extend the state of emergency for 15 days.
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europeSpanish Army Finds Bodies of Coronavirus Victims in Nursing Homes
Spanish troops disinfecting nursing homes have found, to their horror, residents living among the infectious bodies of the deceased.



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Last updated: July 20, 2019
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