Coronavirus: How long will the UK be in lockdown? Leading doctor gives his prediction

CORONAVIRUS has met its fiercest foe yet in the UK government, with the Prime Minister enforcing a UK-wide lockdown yesterday to suppress the spread of the virus. The economic and social costs of such a policy are grave, which begs the urgent

(Translated) ​កូរ៉ូណាវ៉ាវីៈ​តើ​ចក្រភព​អង់គ្លេស​នឹង​ត្រូវ​ជាប់គាំង​រយៈពេល​ប៉ុន្មាន​? ​វេជ្ជបណ្ឌិត​នាំមុខ​ផ្តល់​ការទស្សន៍ទាយ​របស់​គាត់​

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