US Likely to Become 'Coronavirus Epicenter,' WHO Says

The World Health Organization said Tuesday the United States could soon become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said at a news conference in Geneva an acceleration of new cases in the U.S. is behind the

(Translated) ​អង្គការ​សុខភាព​ពិភពលោក​និយាយ​ថា​សហរដ្ឋ​អាមេរិក​ទំនងជា​នឹង​ក្លាយជា​ ​"​វីរុស​ឆ្លង​វីរុស​វីរុស​"​

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Global coronavirus cases have hit 500,000, with half a million people now infected with the virus
Italy has the most cases outside China and the highest death toll in the world, while the U.S. reports the second largest number of confirmed infections outside China.
The coronavirus outbreak has seen more than 120,000 people recover from infection around the world
Thousands of recoveries have been reported around the world, including in Europe, the current epicenter of the pandemic, while China has seen nearly 73,000 recover from infection.
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chinaGlobal response to coronavirus falters as pandemic worsens and Trump lashes out at China
Countries are competing to secure scarce medical supplies, closing borders with little notice, and lobbing verbal broadsides as COVID-19 spreads.


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CHINA offered hope to the world yesterday as it started to lift restrictions in the region at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak. Authorities began freeing the population from lockdown in Wuhan, the city in Hubei where coronavirus first took

There are "encouraging signs" in...
There are "encouraging signs" in Europe as Italy's infection rate saw a slight dip, the World Health Organization says
The U.S. death toll has climbed past 1,000 and New Zealand has begun a month-long country lockdown in a bid to prevent an outbreak.


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Spain coronavirus: Why has Spain been hit by coronavirus so bad?
SPAIN has become the hotspot of the coronavirus pandemic with 738 people dying in the space of 24 hours, but how did it get so bad?

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usaWorld Health Organization's head says time to act on coronavirus was more than a month ago, countries "squandered" opportunity
There is still a second opportunity to contain the pandemic, "which we should not squander," said Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


97-year-old woman in South Korea...
south korea97-year-old woman in South Korea fully recovers from coronavirus, becomes country's oldest surviving patient
Several very elderly people, including centenarians in Iran and China, have recovered from the virus.


Japan’s Virus Success Has Puzzled the...
Japan’s Virus Success Has Puzzled the World. Is Its Luck Running Out?Latest Updates: Coronavirus Outbreak The Coronavirus Outbreak
The country has not widely tested. Its people are going about their lives, even crowding into clubs that had previous outbreaks. But now Japan is warning of the risk of rampant infection.


New York City erects makeshift morgue...
usaNew York City erects makeshift morgue to handle expected rise in coronavirus deaths
The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) said the refrigerated structures outside Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan are to provide emergency capacity if the city's permanent morgues fill up.


As a third of mankind enters...
As a third of mankind enters coronavirus lockdown, the impact on cities can be seen from space
Satellite images show deserted roads, tourist attractions, malls and airports.


Is Spain Europe's new coronavirus...
Is Spain Europe's new coronavirus epicentre? Fears surge as death toll explodes in nation
SPAIN registered 655 fatalities from the coronavirus over the past 24 hours as the country's death toll from the epidemic rose to over 4,000.

U.S. coronavirus deaths surged by 25...
usaU.S. coronavirus deaths surged by 25 percent in one day, with nearly 70,000 cases reported
Dr. Anthony Fauci of the COVID-19 task force has warned America should prepare for a potential second wave of a widespread infections.


Coronavirus India update: Latest...
indiaCoronavirus India update: Latest death toll in India as country locks down 1.3bn people
INDIA has now entered a total lockdown after a spike in COVID-19 cases across the country. The death toll has reached 10, with a total of 519 cases.

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Coronavirus Live Updates: Debate Over Jobless Benefits Stalls Senate Vote on $2 Trillion Aid Package The Coronavirus Outbreak
Four Republican senators said they believed the bill could incentivize employees to leave their jobs and go on unemployment. Senate leaders still hoped to vote on the measure later Wednesday.


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Coronavirus Live Updates: Senate Moves Toward Passing Sweeping $2 Trillion Aid Deal The Coronavirus Outbreak
People fleeing New York to other parts of the country were told to quarantine themselves for 14 days. Prince Charles has the virus. The number of deaths in Spain — more than 3,400 — surpassed the toll in China.


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europePetrol Stations To Begin Closing This Week Across Italy
Petrol stations across Italy are set to begin closing on Wednesday, with the major stations along highways to close first.


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europechinaSpain overtakes China in coronavirus deaths
Spain has now seen more deaths from the coronavirus pandemic than any other country except Italy, with officials warning that the peak of its outbreak has still not been reached.


The U.S. coronavirus death toll...
usaThe U.S. coronavirus death toll passes 800, nearly half of the country's 55,000 cases are in New York
U.S. health experts are "deeply concerned" over the widespread outbreak in New York, while Louisiana and New Jersey are also seeing a surge in cases.


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asiairanFlood of 100,000 Refugees Prompts Coronavirus Concerns in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Minister of Public Health Ferozuddin Feroz warned on Tuesday that the Chinese coronavirus could kill at least 110,000 people.



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