Kathy Griffin says she can't get tested for coronavirus despite 'painful symptoms'

Kathy Griffin called out President Trump after saying she's been sent to a "COVID-19 isolation ward in a major hospital ER" with "painful symptoms."

(Translated) Kathy Griffin និយាយថានាងមិនអាចទទួលការធ្វើតេស្ត៍រកមើលមេរោគឆ្លងបានទេបើទោះបីជារោគសញ្ញាឈឺចាប់

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John Andre Clarke commented
6d ago

He’s lying she says as if Trump can control all the data coming from the states being publicly reported. Joy Behar said Trump was positive for Covid-19, insisted he was tested, and then after he was reported negative she still said he had it. Pretty crazy since he spends 2 hours a day doing press briefings every day and looks fine to me.

Scott Samuels commented
6d ago

How did this become a news item? Amazing.

Krys Jens commented
5d ago

Selfish beeeach..save precious tests for those with coronavirus symptoms..and not just celebrities...

Michael Younger commented
6d ago

it’s her TDS flaring up again.

Lloyd Vingette commented
6d ago

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Tommy Jaronda commented
5d ago

She looks like Ronald McDonalds corpse after falling down a flight of stairs.

Samir Hukic commented
5d ago

I truly hope she reads these comments, and sees how much she is hated...

Rich Wiley commented
5d ago

Oh shit. I'm so glad for this update on this chick and not anyone else with it.

Scott Horowitz commented
5d ago

Boo the f*ck who cares?

Bob Smith commented
6d ago

Of course someone who's spent the last twenty years jumping up and down screaming look-at-me look-at-me look-at-me has contacted this virus. I wouldn't be surprised if over the last month she's had wet dreams of herself meeting Tom Hanks at a cocktail party she was somehow invited to and then having Tom cough all over her during a chit chat. I hear they are triaging people so you can get in the d-lister line behind all the other unimportant celebrities and wait patiently for your test. Do us all a favor, follow HIPAA guidelines and keep your damn medical problems to your damn self.

Nathan Beaudry commented
6d ago

Maybe the CDC has regulations against using the tests on worthless sacks.

Samir Hukic commented
6d ago

No one cares, you soulless ginger...

Gregg Harrison commented
5d ago

Does ANYBODY really care about this skank..

Winston Rider commented
5d ago

Kathy Griffin A.K.A Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper’s “dead” brother. These Luciferians need to BURN

Steve LaCorte commented
5d ago

Americas most worthless annoying bleeder...absolute waste of flesh and blood. F that worthless POS

Michael DiTraglia commented
6d ago

She's lying.

Dwayne Landry commented
6d ago


Mike Jackson commented
6d ago

She is a total piece of turd

Layne Cobain commented
6d ago

If she dies, she dies.



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