‘God Will Protect Us’: Coronavirus Spreads Through an Already Struggling PakistanLatest Updates: Coronavirus Outbreak The Coronavirus Outbreak

While Pakistan’s government and military are at odds over how to respond, doctors are protesting to get equipment and more testing, and clerics are refusing to limit mosque gatherings.

(Translated) God ព្រះជាម្ចាស់នឹងការពារយើងៈវីរុសកូរ៉ូណាវ៉ារីករាលដាលតាមរយៈការធ្វើបច្ចុប្បន្នភាពប៉ាគីស្ថានថ្មីៗបំផុតៈការផ្ទុះឡើងនៃមេរោគវីរុសការផ្ទុះឡើងនៃមេរោគកូរ៉ូណាវ៉ាវី

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