Louisiana pastor says he has 1,000 people at services, defying state coronavirus orders

The Rev. Tony Spell, who claims his services in Central, Louisiana, cure cancer and HIV, said that coronavirus is “politically motivated.”

(Translated) គ្រូគង្វាលនៅរដ្ឋ Louisiana និយាយថាគាត់មានមនុស្ស ១០០០ នាក់នៅឯសេវាកម្មដែលប្រឆាំងនឹងការបញ្ជាទិញមេរោគឆ្លងរបស់រដ្ឋ

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John Eichler commented
3d ago

He’s responsible if an outbreak happens within his church, and by responsible I mean criminally responsible.

James Pickering commented
3d ago

The good pastor might want to re-read the Book of Proverbs 16:18 ... “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” While he’s at it, he should probably disinfect all of those Bibles being thumped.

Aaron Elvis Haefer commented
3d ago

Thoughts and Prayers worked really well for thousands of mass shooting victims. That ought to bring tidings of joy to a couple hundred congregants.

Bob Coatesworth commented
3d ago

For communion they'll be serving bread and kool-aid.

Shauna Anderson commented
3d ago

This guy needs to read his Bible. The church is the Christians not the building or place and persecution is what the early Christians in the Bible endured, not having to meet virtually for a couple of months so that hundreds of not thousands can be spared this disease. Pride of a pastor is a terrible thing for a congregation and I think these people need to find a new Pastor.

David Cooklock commented
3d ago

Bus companies are open? Or I suppose McChurches have their own buses.

Bob Coatesworth commented
3d ago

They cured windmill cancer? I thought Donnie did that?

Dave Meyers commented
3d ago

This group had the absolute right to gather together in a worship service if they so choose. No one was forced to attend. Scraping aside the wacky nature of this sect, I have not heard one federal or state politician invoke the name of God during the corona crisis. No call for a national day of prayer or to hit our knees with God. Fear of death usually brings people to God. It's too bad we have no true spiritual leaders in this country.

Teresa Harris commented
3d ago

There was a time when religion ruled the world. We call that time The Dark Ages.

Mike Stevenson commented
3d ago

For Father Dipshit thou sayith, “Come to me in masses, we shall hold hands and break bread together, then we shall go out and spread the virus amongst the people!” This dumb jerk should be taken out behind the barn and............!

Bob Smith commented
3d ago

Go read Exodus 21 and then it will make sense why the white man felt justified in enslaving the African. This is an evil and immoral deity. Not doing their part to stem the tide of this virus is the least of this cults worries.

Mike Connell commented
3d ago

Throw his ass in jail.

Attai Caleb Yasharahla commented
3d ago

Yes, yes, yes you Edomites, you Caucasians.... gather yourselves together unto your Democracy, which is Your Religion, please....and let the World See, how much Power Red Man Jesus has....as he Saves you....hahahaaaa

Marc Compton commented
3d ago

He cured cancer and aids? Definitely a Trump supporter and a proud member of the party of stupid people. if they get infected they can always pray to their fake God. And then die.

Steve LaCorte commented
3d ago

May the idiot sheep follow Pastor Douchebag straight to the grave...



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