New York City erects makeshift morgue to handle expected rise in coronavirus deaths

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) said the refrigerated structures outside Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan are to provide emergency capacity if the city's permanent morgues fill up.

(Translated) ទីក្រុងញូវយ៉ករៀបចំកន្លែងបញ្ចុះសពបណ្តោះអាសន្នដើម្បីដោះស្រាយការកើនឡើងនៃការស្លាប់ដោយសារការឆ្លងវីរុស

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The U.S. coronavirus death toll has...
usaThe U.S. coronavirus death toll has hit 1,300 and nearly half of America is now in lockdown
At least 22 states have issued a "stay at home" order, while disaster declarations have been made in several more states, including New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois and Missouri.


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usaOnly 5 countries have more coronavirus cases than New York State
Cases of coronavirus in New York State have surpassed 36,000, nearly half of all the cases in the U.S.


The global coronavirus death toll...
The global coronavirus death toll hits 24,100, U.S. has most cases in the world
While the U.S. has become the epicenter of the outbreak, China is banning all foreigners and limiting air travel in a bid to curb its growing number of imported cases.


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New York coronavirus: 911 calls break record - 'September 11 was nothing compared to this'
NEW YORK, the epicentre of the US coronavirus outbreak, has recorded more medical-related emergency 911 calls than even during the devastating September 11 terror attacks.

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usaNew York City records more emergency medical calls in one day amid coronavirus outbreak than during 9/11
The city reported around 6,550 medical 911 calls on Wednesday, 40 percent more than average and 1,500 more than New York's usual busiest day of the year.


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usaBodies could start to stack up from the coronavirus. Coroners and funeral homes say they're ready.
Doctors fear the coronavirus outbreak could overwhelm the health care system. What happens to all the bodies if that happens? Coroners are ready.


California cities could see...
usaCalifornia cities could see coronavirus outbreaks as bad as New York City, officials say
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti had a grim warning about the coronavirus pandemic for cities in California and across the country.


America now has more coronavirus...
usachinaAmerica now has more coronavirus cases than China
A large portion of the total confirmed cases in the U.S. are in New York, which has reported more than 37,200 infections to date.


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Coronavirus shock: New York Mayor to reopen schools mid-pandemic
THE NEW YORK Mayor is hoping to reopen public schools by mid-april amidst mass coronavirus cases.

US Leads the World in Coronavirus Cases
asiachinaUS Leads the World in Coronavirus Cases
The United States now leads the world in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, and Congress is on the verge of action to relieve the outbreak’s economic toll. As of late Thursday, a count by Johns Hopkins Medical Center shows more than 85,000


U.S. passes Italy, China as nation...
usachinaU.S. passes Italy, China as nation with the most confirmed cases of COVID-19
The U.S. surged past China and Italy to become the planet's most infected nation Thursday, a stark milestone in the coronavirus era - and a reminder of its deadly, culture-changing effects on American life.


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New York chief warns 'any scenario' will 'overwhelm' health system as US battles COVID-19
NEW YORK Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned that any realistic scenario from the coronavirus crisis will overwhelm the health care system in the US state.

For the first time since 9/11, NYC...
usaFor the first time since 9/11, NYC sets up makeshift morgues in anticipation of coronavirus deaths
Refrigerated trailers hummed from makeshift morgues outside two hospitals on Thursday as New York City deals with the surging death count in the epicenter of the nation's coronavirus pandemic.


Every country in the Americas now has...
Every country in the Americas now has coronavirus
St. Kitts and Nevis reported its first pair of confirmed coronavirus cases on Wednesday


Why New York is the epicenter of the...
usaWhy New York is the epicenter of the American coronavirus outbreak
There were over 74,000 cases of coronavirus in the United States as of Thursday midday. About half were in New York -- almost 10 times more than any other state.


Global coronavirus cases have hit...
chinaGlobal coronavirus cases have hit 500,000, with half a million people now infected with the virus
Italy has the most cases outside China and the highest death toll in the world, while the U.S. reports the second largest number of confirmed infections outside China.


The coronavirus outbreak has seen...
The coronavirus outbreak has seen more than 120,000 people recover from infection around the world
Thousands of recoveries have been reported around the world, including in Europe, the current epicenter of the pandemic, while China has seen nearly 73,000 recover from infection.


There are "encouraging signs" in...
There are "encouraging signs" in Europe as Italy's infection rate saw a slight dip, the World Health Organization says
The U.S. death toll has climbed past 1,000 and New Zealand has begun a month-long country lockdown in a bid to prevent an outbreak.



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