A grocery store threw out $35,000 in food that a woman intentionally coughed on, sparking coronavirus fears, police said

Police said they don't believe the woman is infected with the virus, but they'll make sure she gets tested anyway.

(Translated) ប៉ូលីសបាននិយាយថាហាងលក់គ្រឿងទេសមួយបានបោះចោលអាហារចំនួន ៣៥,០០០ ដុល្លារដែលស្ត្រីម្នាក់បានពាក់ចិញ្ចៀនដោយចេតនាបង្កឱ្យមានការភ័យខ្លាចចំពោះជំងឺឆ្លង

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