Courteney Cox says she doesn't even remember being on 'Friends'

The one where Courteney Cox forgets she was even on "Friends." The actress appeared via video on Jimmy Kimmel, where she revealed she really doesn't remember much about playing the tightly wound chef Monica Geller.

(Translated) កន្លែងដែល Coureney Cox ភ្លេចនាងសូម្បីតែនៅលើ "មិត្តភក្តិ" តារាសម្តែងរូបនេះបានបង្ហាញខ្លួនតាមរយៈវីដេអូនៅលើ Jimmy Kimmel ជាកន្លែងដែលនាងបានបង្ហាញថានាងពិតជាមិនចងចាំច្រើនអំពីការលេងចុងភៅមុខរបួសម៉ុនដាកាហ្គឺរទេ។

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