Anthem Community Members Are Handing Out Free Game Codes, Bioware Chips Insettings

Players from the Anthem community are advising other people to stay home and is giving away free Anthem game codes! BiioWare chips in to the cause.

(Translated) អ្នកលេងមកពីសហគមន៍ Anthem កំពុងតែផ្តល់ដំបូន្មានដល់មនុស្សដទៃទៀតអោយស្នាក់នៅក្នុងផ្ទះហើយកំពុងតែអោយលេខកូដហ្គេម Anthem ឥតគិតថ្លៃ! ជីវជីវវើរនៅក្នុងបុព្វហេតុ

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Last updated: July 20, 2019
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