Opinion: Stephen Curry’s coronavirus interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci is most significant move of his career

Nearly 50,000 tuned in and saw what makes Stephen Curry such a respected leader during an informative talk with Dr. Anthony Fauci about COVID-19.

(Translated) ទស្សនៈ៖ ការសំភាសន៍ជម្ងឺស្ទះសរសៃឈាមវ៉ែនតារបស់ស្ទេផានរីរីជាមួយលោក Anthony Fauci គឺជាការផ្លាស់ប្តូរដ៏សំខាន់បំផុតនៃអាជីពរបស់គាត់

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7d ago

Something these idiot news reporters like Cecilia Vega and Yamiche Alcindor need to take note on how to better perform on their jobs.

7d ago

I couldn’t care less what Curry things about basketball much less what this little Luciferian Shill is told to push on this overplayed “virus.”

7d ago

first class guy.,

7d ago


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