Coronavirus: What this crisis reveals about US - and its president

Nations, like individuals, reveal themselves at times of crisis. So what does this global catastrophe tell us?

(Translated) Coronavirus : ​អ្វី​ដែល​វិបត្តិ​នេះ​បង្ហាញ​អំពី​សហរដ្ឋ​អាមេរិក​ ​-​ ​និង​ប្រធានាធិបតី​របស់​ខ្លួន​ ប្រជាជាតិដូចជាមនុស្សម្នាក់ៗបង្ហាញខ្លួនពួកគេនៅពេលមានវិបត្តិ ដូច្នេះតើមហន្តរាយសកលនេះប្រាប់យើងអ្វីខ្លះ?

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I’m curious as you obviously write about the US with a liberal slant, and wonder how well you would say the UK and the countries of the EU are doing. Mostly smaller countries in both land mass and populations, and with different levels of cultural, economic, political and sociological diversities. The US with its autonomous state levels of government is rather like an ‘EU’. I wonder from what basis you start to inform your opinions. Especially since you title your missive, “Coronavirus: What this crisis reveals about US and its president”. And I wonder your source level (you).

3d ago

Sorry nick no one cares about your pettyness


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