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That BTS is famous to the top, but...
entertainmentkoreanThat BTS is famous to the top, but the pretty girls in their group are not too cool!kh
The owner of this beautiful gift bag, she did not just record BTS, she was also a photographer Photos for other K-POP stars


Handsome, even different styles! Like...
entertainmentkoreanHandsome, even different styles! Like sexy Jimin or cute, like V?kh
While BTS re-arrives back to Korea after finishing concerts in Japan on Thursday, fans have shown their interest in promoting...


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Change a new taste! JYP will release...
koreanChange a new taste! JYP will release a Japanese girl groupkh
Park Jinyoung, JYP's managing director, has just described the plans for a long-awaited Japanese girl group, suggesting he...


Always be mean! Jin's Fen are asking...
koreanAlways be mean! Jin's Fen are asking for his answer to themkh
South Korea: It's not the first time that Jin's BTS members have been asked to marry straightforward like this, and Jin is...


Miss? Nearing the 10th Anniversary of...
koreanMiss? Nearing the 10th Anniversary of Team Creation, Will T-ara Have Surprise Fen?kh
South Korea: Kpop fans may already have known this group of famous T-ara singers. They have been very popular since the...


Less do not know! These are called...
koreanLess do not know! These are called the most gentleman in Kpopkh
South Korea: Actually, Korean art is a collection of handsome girls who are full of talents and full ability. Their elegance...


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