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Edibles vs. topicals vs. vaping vs....
technologyEdibles vs. topicals vs. vaping vs. oils: CBD products, explained
Learn the different ways oils, edibles, vaporizers and creams affect the body.


Tips to Reduce and Stop Alcohol
Tips to Reduce and Stop Alcoholkh
You can take steps today to stop your alcohol consumption. The first step is to contact your quitting support person, see your doctor, or schedule a future date. To stop drinking. (Read: Baby's Skin

Erika Zak, mom who inspired millions...
Erika Zak, mom who inspired millions in her fight to get a liver, dies at 39
Erika Zak, the mother who inspired millions through her resilience to fight for a liver transplant, died early Friday during...


CDC sounds alarm over deadly...
CDC sounds alarm over deadly drug-resistant salmonella
A strain of salmonella that's sickened more than 250 people may not respond to antibiotics commonly prescribed to treat the...


Illinois resident dies after lung...
Illinois resident dies after lung illness that could be linked to vaping
Illinois health officials announced on Friday the death of a person who had vaped and later developed a severe respiratory illness. The death comes amid reports of a growing numbers of lung illnesses across the country that doctors say could be


New Zealand teen with measles may...
New Zealand teen with measles may have exposed hundreds at Disneyland and other tourist destinations
A teenage girl traveling through Southern California may have exposed hundreds of people to the measles when she visited...


Four years in the rankings of...
Four years in the rankings of Lifetime Achievementkh
There are some years that can last a lifetime of happiness, it is destined for them, so below we will allocate according to your year how much you can earn. What? (Read: Your baby's skin will be clean and itchy.)

These types of foods can make you...
These types of foods can make you more prone to cancerkh
Don't touch any of the following foods as they can easily cause cancer. (Read: sleeping pills when you should) You should not eat popcorn sold at the cinema because if you drink too much it will cause you not to get pregnant and you can also become...

Which foods are good for brain...
Which foods are good for brain health? Read this article!kh
The brain is the most important organ in the body that connects the nerves to the body, and when you eat the right foods, you can effectively increase your memory (read: skin, your baby will be clean and itchy) This way do your daughter

'Crazy cat ladies' are not a thing,...
'Crazy cat ladies' are not a thing, study finds
It's the news cat owners have been waiting for: Owning lots of cats does not, in fact, mean you're mad, sad or anxious.



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