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Franklin Graham: ‘Pepsi Showing Young...
Franklin Graham: ‘Pepsi Showing Young Girls that Sexual Exploitation of Women Is Okay’
Rev. Franklin Graham expressed disappointment with the lack of “moral decency” displayed at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show.


WATCH: Jay-Z, Beyonce, Sit During the...
WATCH: Jay-Z, Beyonce, Sit During the National Anthem
Rap mogul Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce, remained seated during the playing of the national anthem on Sunday evening. | Sports


Lor Samnang announces a ring to buy...
Lor Samnang announces a ring to buy Diamond Arun for a livingkh
According to Lok Samnang's Facebook page, which appeared on January 29, 2020, he wants to Mas Fight to Get Three-wheeled...

Nike Joins Effort to Block Bill...
Nike Joins Effort to Block Bill Designed to Protect Girls from Competing Against Transgender Athletes
Nike has joined the governor of Tennessee in signing a letter of support to defeat a bill which would prevent biological male...


Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Says He Will...
Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Says He Will Celebrate Super Bowl Win at the White House, if Invited
Chiefs coach Andy Reid says that if President Trump extends an invite to celebrate Kansas City's Super Bowl win at the White...


Michael Bloomberg Pays $10 Million...
Michael Bloomberg Pays $10 Million for Super Bowl Gun Control Ad
Democrat presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg is running a $10 million gun control ad during this Sunday's Super Bowl.


How Kobe Bryant’s Catholic Faith...
faithHow Kobe Bryant’s Catholic Faith Helped Him Turn His Life Around
Basketball legend Kobe Bryant's Catholic faith sustained him during a difficult period of his life and inspired his...

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