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Cambodia is currently infected with...
cambodiapoliticsCambodia is currently infected with the coronavirus, which is Chinese in Sihanoukvillekh
While new pneumonia is raging in China as of January 27, 2020, a new type of coronavirus has claimed the title.


Update to (115) Urgent If There Is...
cambodiapoliticsUpdate to (115) Urgent If There Is Any Suspected Infections For New Pneumonia (Corona)kh
Everybody knows that [Corona] is a flu virus that causes swollen, swollen and uncomplicated symptoms (like the common cold), and there is no cure. [SARS], which causes severe respiratory distress syndrome


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If anyone dares to sell expensive...
cambodiasocialIf anyone dares to sell expensive masks and imprisonment from 6 days to 5 years, then share this informationkh
The Coronavirus virus has now spread rapidly, and so far, about 40 people have died and the virus has since arrived in neighboring Vietnam and the deadly respiratory virus.


Latest News Good News! China uses the...
cambodiapoliticsLatest News Good News! China uses the drug to treat a coronavirus infected personkh
The number of new cases of corona pneumonia in China has risen to 2070, with the number of deaths rising to 56, according to the report. In all the other countries, the total was 37, with the largest number of Thais


This year, Poipet distributes one...
cambodiapoliticsThis year, Poipet distributes one million free masses to peoplekh
Poipet border crossing this morning distributes mass to one million people to prevent corona disease In China and Thailand, the deadly respiratory illness has killed 80 Chinese


Japan, you are too good to sponsor a...
cambodiapoliticsJapan, you are too good to sponsor a mass of 1 million Chinese on the discount market and write a Chinese scriptkh
Japan, you're good: You know that Coronavirus has caused a global outbreak of a serious respiratory illness.


Help 1539 Wuhan brothers and sisters...
cambodiapoliticsHelp 1539 Wuhan brothers and sisters fly into Cambodiakh
According to a Facebook account named Phanith Pheng, it was reported on Facebook: "Where thousands of Wuhan people flew before the city closed.


It's over! There were no flights from...
cambodiasocialIt's over! There were no flights from China to Cambodia as Cambodia was infected with the viruskh
The Coronavirus virus has spread rapidly, and so far, about 40 people have died and the virus has already arrived in Vietnam and neighboring Thailand.


Wonderful owner of Diamond Triadana...
cambodiapoliticsWonderful owner of Diamond Triadana announces free mass for tomorrowkh
While the Corona virus is spreading across the country, many Cambodians seem to be worried because the number of people in the country has surpassed 2,000.


Help Serve More ... 3M Mass from...
cambodiasocialHelp Serve More ... 3M Mass from China Direct Price Only 2000 Riel for Health ...kh
Recently, Facebook has been sharing and frustrating after the price of masks increased, while the Corona respiratory tract is becoming more prevalent and the number of people dying.




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