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A rare Khmer child! Clear images,...
entertainmentA rare Khmer child! Clear images, cool eyes, top stars, previous starskh
An account called Wind Ripple posted a series of images that many of them have never seen, leaving them for years for future generations to know the former emperor, singer and actor.


Stunned all day! Veteran comedian's...
entertainmentStunned all day! Veteran comedian's daughter, Troy, hangs up at a guesthousekh
After the discovery of the body of a 31-year-old woman who killed herself and known as the daughter of veteran comedian


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Elton John couldn't perform in...
entertainmentElton John couldn't perform in 'Living Room Concert for America,' but Mariah Carey, others did
Elton John hosted the 'Living Room Concert for America,' where Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish and Camilla Cabello performed from home.


‘I Love Rock 'N' Roll’ songwriter...
entertainment‘I Love Rock 'N' Roll’ songwriter Alan Merrill dies of coronavirus; Joan Jett mourns
Rocker Alan Merrill who wrote 'I Love Rock and Roll' dies of coronavirus, prompting singer Joan Jet to pay tribute on Twitter.


Too fast to find Covid-19 on day 23,...
entertainmentToo fast to find Covid-19 on day 23, but yesterday the famous comedian is deadkh
Japanese comedian Ken Shimura has died of Vororovirus yesterday after testing positive for coronavirus on March 23.


Extremely Swiss! Pancake showcases...
entertainmentExtremely Swiss! Pancake showcases skills for couples, admire it!kh
Many fans are aware of the relationship between the famous Thai actress Pancake and the sweeter couple day to day, causing many fakes to burst into envy as well. Pancake recently made Fen


Increasing number of people...
entertainmentIncreasing number of people recovering from Ivory Coast's positive return for Cambodiakh
Ou Vandin, Secretary of State and spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, said the number of people recovering from the disease has been steadily increasing, which is a positive for the whole country in the fight against the disease. Kovid-19 in...


Noey's belly gets bigger, gives birth...
entertainmentNoey's belly gets bigger, gives birth morekh
While pregnant for 38 weeks and is about to give birth, Noey posted a lively dance video, fearing nothing to do with Fen instead.


The first Cambodian man infected with...
entertainmentThe first Cambodian man infected with the Kovir 19 from the Japanese in Siem Reap is recovering and being released from hospital todaykh
PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) - The first Cambodian man infected with the HIV-19 virus from a Japanese in Siem Reap province has been cured after several days, according to a Ministry of Health report on March 30, 2020. Confirmed as a Cambodian healer


Most ages! But do not take a look at...
entertainmentMost ages! But do not take a look at this red diamond suitkh
Last night, the dry-faced actress surprised her fans with her stunning look, with last night wearing a long-sleeved red dress to suit her skin. Great to see and truly commendable




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