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Sadly, the rapper in the hit song...
entertainmentSadly, the rapper in the hit song "Three Stars" is dead!kh
The sad news this morning when the news that the original singer of the original Song of the Sacred Artists had died shortly after, made many fans and artists mourn the loss. The news is true


Professor Chai Long Duong Kong Nay is...
entertainmentProfessor Chai Long Duong Kong Nay is in the hospitalkh
(Phnom Penh) - Senior Chap Chay Duong Kong Nay, aged 74, on August 19, 2019, is being treated at a Russian hospital in Phnom Penh, Kong Nai's son, Kong Sia, told his father. Has lung disease but Investigation


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Khmer Scholarship Competition in Thai...
entertainmentKhmer Scholarship Competition in Thai TV Shows Committees and Participants a Scream (Video Inside)kh
(Phnom Penh): Recently, social media has shared a video showing the contribution of a Cambodian scholarship student to Thai TV's 'Super 100' show. Everyone does


So sweet! Sokun Kanha takes a picture...
entertainmentSo sweet! Sokun Kanha takes a picture with her husband during her first pregnancykh
Just married soon enough, Raksmey Hang Meas singer and her husband immediately gave birth to her baby to take care of her family, however, while pregnant yesterday, Ok Sokun September


Ratanak Pisey Breaks Down on...
entertainmentRatanak Pisey Breaks Down on Five-Year Contract With Town Productionkh
(Phnom Penh): Actress and singer, who likes to wear sexy under the skirt of Miss Ratan Pisey, currently observes that she seems to have a lot of work in the arts, especially she always gets a chance to go out. Overseas acting often anyway


Some celebrities become intimate
entertainmentSome celebrities become intimatekh
In the art world, some actors are seen by the public and producers alike as a good fit. The audience wants them to fall in love. How many stars have become a couple? Actress


Despite the momentum, Ronco does not...
entertainmentDespite the momentum, Ronco does not announce his retirementkh
As the market progressed, covering a wide range of modeling, filming and acting roles, preparing to star in a classic production, young actor Ron Noko, who has recently been the ambassador of goodwill and title …


Don't worry Sokun Miss takes a trip...
entertainmentDon't worry Sokun Miss takes a trip abroad with her husbandkh
Despite the big belly, singer Sokun Miss still appears on the show as usual, just the release. Her dancing gestures seemed to be less intense than what was noted this time, Ok Sokun


Easy to Care! Top Thai makeup stars...
entertainmentEasy to Care! Top Thai makeup stars cost more than $ 1,000kh
Behind the beauty of celebrity artists attending various events is a significant contribution from a professional makeup artist. A unique hand enhances the beauty and prominence of celebrities as a makeup artist


The rap star of 'The Three Way Lady',...
entertainmentThe rap star of 'The Three Way Lady', Piseth, died this morningkh
Tragically, Sacred, the rapper in the hit song "Three Stars", died this morning. August 21, at 4:10 pm This is a very sad day for the artist, according to a Facebook account.




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