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Best shower filters for 2019: How...
healthtechnologyBest shower filters for 2019: How they work and why you should get one
Chlorine and minerals in your shower water could be the cause of your dry skin and dull hair.


New Therapies Help Patients With...
healthNew Therapies Help Patients With Dementia Cope With Depression
Many patients with cognitive impairment have anxiety or depression, but standard treatments are difficult for people with memory issues.


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The Price of Recycling Old Laptops:...
worldThe Price of Recycling Old Laptops: Toxic Fumes in Thailand’s Lungs
The e-waste industry is booming in Southeast Asia, frightening residents worried for their health. Despite a ban on imports, Thailand is a center of the business.


Megan Thee Stallion Gives a Health...
entertainmentMegan Thee Stallion Gives a Health Update on Her Friend French Montana
Megan Thee Stallion proves she's one hell of a good friend, and revealed that she's visiting French Montana after he was released from the hospital.


What year can this day be?
healthWhat year can this day be?kh
Below, the website health.com.kh will show you your daily regimen today. Today's zodiac is your average, be careful when speaking on the color of luck is blue. Lucky number is 3. Today, your résumé is average, should be short


Recognize 9 fruits as a natural...
lifeRecognize 9 fruits as a natural remedy for many unexpected health problemskh
Natural remedies here refer to fruits that may help with the disease ....


How to live longer: A ‘blue zones’...
healthHow to live longer: A ‘blue zones’ diet could increase life expectancy
HOW TO live longer: Over the years, a long and healthy life has been attributed to eating a healthy diet. But with so many diets considered healthy, which one is deemed best for boosting longevity? According to Dan Buettner, a “blue zones” diet


Type 2 diabetes: Best meal to have...
healthType 2 diabetes: Best meal to have for breakfast to lower blood sugar
TYPE 2 diabetes affects a person’s blood sugar (glucose) levels, and left untreated, serious complications can occur. When it comes to keeping blood sugar levels in check, eating a certain meal for breakfast could help.


Scarlett Moffatt health: Presenter...
healthScarlett Moffatt health: Presenter reveals how childhood accident still affects her health
SCARLETT MOFFATT is the loveable personality who won the nation's hearts when she appeared in Gogglebox. Since then the television personality and presenter has been in a string of shows including The British Tribe Next Door and Ant & Dec’s Saturday


Lung cancer symptoms: The sitting...
healthLung cancer symptoms: The sitting down test that could help identify the deadly disease
LUNG cancer symptoms don’t usually show in the early stages, but as the condition progresses, they may begin to show. As there’s currently no cure for cancer, spotting symptoms as early as possible is very important. A test involving sitting down




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