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This Iowa community is rallying...
worldusaThis Iowa community is rallying together to find medical supplies for local hospitals facing a dire shortage
A longtime math teacher says he has 50 years' worth of equipment and supplies tucked away in his classroom storage. Buried in the detritus: long-outdated technology that could possibly save lives in the fight against the coronavirus in Northeast


A shipwreck uncovered by waves every...
worldusaA shipwreck uncovered by waves every 20 or so years has been dated to pre-Revolutionary War times
Ever since it first emerged in 1958 on a beach in York, Maine, the 50-foot skeleton of a shipwreck has intrigued both locals and experts alike. It reappeared in 1978, 2007, 2013 and 2018 after powerful storms swept away the sand burying it. But then


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The Vital Donation of HE Veng Sakhon...
cambodiapoliticsThe Vital Donation of HE Veng Sakhon to CPP Headquarters to distribute to local poor peoplekh
On the afternoon of April 2, 2020, Mr. Chhay Vansy, Chairman of District Council and Mr. Ou Chheangly, Governor of Cheung Prey District Council, presented 2800kg of rice, 112 krama, 112 fish, worth of gifts. HE Veng Sakhorn, the Minister of State


Kampong Thom Provincial Governor...
cambodiapoliticsKampong Thom Provincial Governor disseminates methods of prevention of COVID-19 to local peoplekh
Kompong Thom: Speaking at a meeting with people who have just returned from the country on the morning of April 2, 2020, Mr. Soklu, Governor of Kampong Thom He says that the global outbreak of avian influenza 19 is in the Kingdom of Cambodia


10 ideas for supporting your...
health10 ideas for supporting your community while self-isolating
This pandemic, this long road, isn't being traveled alone. There are millions of others out there who are feeling like you and many who might need a little extra help to get through it. Here are 10 ideas for supporting your community while you


Migrants Riot in Mexican Detention...
worldMigrants Riot in Mexican Detention Center at Texas Border — Some Escape
Dozens of Central American migrants rioted and set fire to the furniture inside a local immigration detention center Friday.


California seeking 15,000 hotel rooms...
worldusaCalifornia seeking 15,000 hotel rooms for homeless
California Gov. Gavin Newsom says the state is seeking 15,000 hotel rooms for the homeless during the coronavirus crisis. The state has already obtained nearly 7,000 hotel rooms and is working with local agencies to get the homeless into them.


Ships With Coronavirus Patients Dock...
worldusaShips With Coronavirus Patients Dock in Florida
A cruise ship where at least two passengers died of coronavirus while barred from South American ports finally docked Thursday in Florida after two weeks at sea and days of negotiations with initially resistant local officials. The Zaandam and a


Hundreds from cruise ships to fly home
worldusaHundreds from cruise ships to fly home
South Florida officials say 1,200 from two docked cruise ships will fly to their home countries. Those who are mildly ill will be quarantined on board and some are being hospitalized locally. (April 3)




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