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A 35-year-old widow has been killed
cambodiasocialA 35-year-old widow has been killedkh
Takeo woman was stabbed to death on October 22, 2019 in Pursat village, Sla commune, Samrong district, Takeo province. Suspected of possible jealousy case as suspects fled


Older women or menopausal women may...
healthOlder women or menopausal women may have abnormal bowel movementskh
How can such hot flashes be managed? You may be able to reduce the severity of a woman's fever by controlling the body's environment or adopting a number of behaviors, such as: • Adjusting the temperature in the area you are under

"I didn't know you, why did you come...
cambodiapolitics"I didn't know you, why did you come to shake my hand?" ... She was stunnedkh
Phnom Penh: Preliminary report says that a female worker was shopping while shopping

Blood screaming skin calls !!!...
cambodiapoliticsBlood screaming skin calls !!! Arrested and murdered in Takeo province morning morningkh
Takeo: Police suspect that a woman who killed a woman while motorbike to the market is now being cooperated with the provincial police chief in cooperation with the Samrong district police inspector general.


Factory worker! Deceased, the 7G gold...
worldFactory worker! Deceased, the 7G gold necklace team returned a package of bicycleskh
Phnom Penh: A woman who was deceived by a team of tricksters carrying a 7g gold necklace in exchange for a package of golf ball, only to burst into tears at the Chom Chao 3 police station at 9.10am The morning of October 23, 2019 under white


Two Thai women and one Frenchman face...
worldTwo Thai women and one Frenchman face death penalty in Bali drug smuggling casekh
BANGKOK (AFP) - Two Thai women and two Thai nationals were arrested on Monday, officials said. A French man could face death penalty after being arrested for smuggling drugs into jail


Authorities send their murder suspect...
cambodiapoliticsAuthorities send their murder suspect to courtkh
Kompong Cham Provincial Police sent a man to the provincial court after his arrest on October 19, shortly after his arrest. When killed his wife in Dey Leu village, Peam Kohsorn commune, Stung Trang district


Eighteen women and children have been...
cambodiapoliticsEighteen women and children have been infected with noodles and are now being treated at Bati Referral Hospitalkh
Takeo case: Many people poisoned noodles with diarrhea in Krang Leav village, Krangleav commune, Bati district, Takeo at 9:40 am on October 23.



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