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In 2019, Cambodia exported over...
cambodiaeconomyIn 2019, Cambodia exported over 10,000 tons of fishery, while forestry revenue was nearly $ 7 millionkh
(PHNOM PENH) - The Ministry of Agriculture has said that in the country exported more than 10,000 tonnes of fishery in 2019, from January to March this year. December export of fresh fish carried 9,190 tons


Cambodia exports nearly 300,000...
cambodiapoliticsCambodia exports nearly 300,000 tonnes of rubber products to US $ 400 million by 2019kh
Cambodia exports nearly 300,000 tonnes of rubber late last year, up 30 per cent year-on-year As of January 25, the report confirms the period


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New Xbox Game Pass Games Available...
gamingxboxNew Xbox Game Pass Games Available Now On Xbox One
January 2020 sees four more games for Xbox Game Pass dropping throughout the rest of January, including one of GameSpot's best of 2019.


By the year 2019, nearly 20,000...
cambodiapoliticsBy the year 2019, nearly 20,000 jobless workers were down by more than 50%kh
Phnom Penh: According to the National Social Security Fund (UNSC) budget, in 2019 More recently, there were 19,361 jobless workers, 12,451 women, down by 2018.


Colombian Man in Wuhan: We've Known...
worldasiaColombian Man in Wuhan: We've Known of Deadly Virus for a Month
A Wuhan resident from Bogotá said residents of the Chinese metropolis were aware of a flu-like illness spreading "before 2019 ended."


Discover the world's most vicious...
worldDiscover the world's most vicious species of animal originkh
According to scientists, snakes, including krait and snake, appear to be the origin of a new coronavirus or 2019-nCoV virus that is causing "severe pneumonia" in China. Respiration (severe pneumonia) caused by the C virus


Mike Bushell: BBC Breakfast star’s...
entertainmentMike Bushell: BBC Breakfast star’s wife reacts after he 'strips off' on Strictly tour
MIKE BUSHELL - a 2019 contestant on Strictly Come Dancing - was branded a "nutter" by his wife Emily Bushell on Twitter this week, when he stripped off in Aberdeen for a dip in the sea during the nationwide tour.


Kraftful raises $1M to help smart...
technologyKraftful raises $1M to help smart home companies make better apps
If a thousand companies make their own smart light bulb, do a thousand companies also have to design a light switch app to control them? Kraftful, a company out of Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 class, doesn’t think so. Kraftful builds the myriad


Psycho surpasses Dalla Dalla and...
entertainmentkoreanPsycho surpasses Dalla Dalla and became the longest charting on Top 5 at Genie of all girl group's songs that released in 2019.
Red Velvet are kicking off the decade at the top with their latest comeback "psycho"!On 24th Jan, Psycho has completed 730 hours being in…


How fast could Galaxy S20 be with the...
technologymobileHow fast could Galaxy S20 be with the Snapdragon 865 chip? Really fast
New phones in 2020 could be up to 25% faster than they were in 2019. Here's how speed tests went down on a prototype with the chip that the S20 should have.




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