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Four Chinese New Year's Day! A...
cambodiapoliticsFour Chinese New Year's Day! A nationwide traffic accident killed 40 people and injured 80kh
(Phnom Penh): Four days (24-25-26-27 January) during Chinese New Year, traffic accidents across the country leave 40 dead and 80 injured. Heavy - Lightweight, according to accident data nationwide


Two-day Chinese New Year traffic...
cambodiaaccidentTwo-day Chinese New Year traffic accident left 23 dead and 34 injuredkh
During the two-day Chinese New Year holiday, 35 traffic accidents nationwide were caused by driving Fast forward to the rules, disrespect the right, and drive drunk


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A motorized pickup truck was crossing...
cambodiaaccidentA motorized pickup truck was crossing the road, causing the couple to suffer serious injurieskh
A man driving a RX-300 pickup truck across the road was alerted by a motorbike driven by a couple in a full-blown collision. January 2020 is located along Hanoi Road


The best dashcams in 2020
technologycarsThe best dashcams in 2020
Dashcams capture amazing videos and can back up your story in case of an accident. Get one.


Gen. Seth: Uncertainty of Road...
cambodiaGen. Seth: Uncertainty of Road Traffic Law in Phnom Penh to Protect Citizens At the same time, Samdech Krom Kheng declared the accident to the emergency pointkh
Phnom Penh: HE Gen. Seth, Deputy Commissioner of National Police and Phnom Penh Police Chief January 2020 led a meeting to plan a road traffic law enforcement in Phnom Penh


At least 86 people were killed and 26...
cambodiaaccidentAt least 86 people were killed and 26 others injured by a three-day traffic accidentkh
PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) - Chinese-Vietnamese nationals were killed and injured in the first three days of the Khmer New Year on January 25, 25, 2012 There were 26 women, according to the report


An overdose overruled a motorcycle,...
cambodiaaccidentAn overdose overruled a motorcycle, causing one death and one leg breakkh
Battambang: At least one person died suddenly on the spot in two victims while riding a motorbike Then a RCMP car came crashing down from the rear of the wreck.


A truck carrying a steering wheel...
cambodiaaccidentA truck carrying a steering wheel slammed into a ditch, injuring severalkh
Old man, girl, passenger on Capitol bus gets seriously injured - Battambang Many as the car slammed into a ditch on its own, as reported by authorities


Car number plate, motorcycle motors,...
cambodiaaccidentCar number plate, motorcycle motors, fatalities, injurieskh
Battambang: At least one person died suddenly on the spot and another seriously injured in a car accident on January 26, 2020 along National Road 57 in Andong Pring village, Sangkat Ok, the city of Battambang


See the World Light Up in Purple and...
entertainmentSee the World Light Up in Purple and Gold in Honor of Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash on Sunday. His daughter was also killed in the tragic accident. After the news broke, Madison Square Garden, LAX and more paid tribute to the NBA star.




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