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The accident on August 24, 2019
cambodiapoliticsThe accident on August 24, 2019kh
Traffic accident on August 24, 201, has killed 8 people and caused 11 seriously injured in the accident:


A lorry was crossing a train and was...
cambodiaaccidentA lorry was crossing a train and was about 10m awaykh
Phnom Penh: A tram overturned over train tracks


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Highlights hit a motorcycle with...
cambodiaaccidentHighlights hit a motorcycle with three injurieskh
A motor vehicle accident in a collision between a high school motorcycle driver injures three students and injures another


(More information) Buddha: Death toll...
cambodiaaccident(More information) Buddha: Death toll rises to 3 in Sihanoukville car accidentkh
Preah Sihanouk Province: (Additional information) According to Brigadier General I Sokha, Preah Sihanouk provincial deputy police chief said the death toll had risen to three (two died at the hospital).


My condolences! 5 children killed in...
cambodiaaccidentMy condolences! 5 children killed in motorbike crashkh
Sihanoukville - Preah Sihanouk provincial police chief Brigadier I Sokha says the death toll has risen to three (two died on the spot and another at a hospital).


Authorities demolished a six-storey...
cambodiapoliticsAuthorities demolished a six-storey fire mattress building to prevent accidentskh
The decision to demolish the building came after the first vice president of the National Committee for Disaster Management, Kun Kim, led a team of engineers and engineers. Effects of buildings and order of demolition


Man killed by X-ray scandal in...
cambodiaaccidentMan killed by X-ray scandal in Chengde districtkh
Kandal province: A man was killed by X-ray scooter as his victim drove an X-ray on a truck carrying a careless engine, causing the X-ray scooter to fall into a water canal and crashing into an X-ray scooter. Why


Latest news, please help SEARCH !! A...
cambodiapoliticsLatest news, please help SEARCH !! A brother who was stationed at the border guards told the situation at the scene of the accident.kh
Yesterday, there was a Facebook buzz over the news that Cambodian troops with Laos were facing in the case, a Facebook account posted by a local soldier, Soy Kim San, confirming the incident. It says: “White


Shocking !! Man dies in pool of blood...
cambodiaaccidentShocking !! Man dies in pool of blood after being trampled by container truckkh
A motorbike crashes into a wheelchair and crashes into a wheelbarrow under the hood of a truck. The brain comes out


Luxury car pool floor collapses, dies...
cambodiaaccidentLuxury car pool floor collapses, dies and runs away ...!kh
A man died in a tragic accident while riding a motorbike with a minivan without waiting for a license plate when he was hit by a motorcycle. Along Street 261




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