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Amazon Fires Prompt Alarm in Europe,...
worldAmazon Fires Prompt Alarm in Europe, and Anger at Brazil’s Government
President Emmanuel Macron of France accused President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil of lying about climate change, and said he would try to kill a major trade deal.


In Denmark, Bewilderment and Anger...
worldIn Denmark, Bewilderment and Anger Over Trump’s Interest in Greenland
The cancellation was a rare snub for Denmark’s head of state, and disbelief and condemnation echoed through the political landscape.


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Bury FC: Anger and tears at League...
sportssoccerBury FC: Anger and tears at League One club before EFL decision
Bury fans look ahead to Friday, when the 134-year-old club could be expelled from the English Football League.


Hong Kong Police Officers Arrested...
worldhong kongHong Kong Police Officers Arrested Over Beating of Man in Hospital
A video appeared to show two officers punching an immobilized 62-year-old man, adding fuel to the recent anger over police conduct.


Foreign Agents and Terrorists: How...
worldchinahong kongForeign Agents and Terrorists: How China Is Framing Hong Kong’s Protests
For more than two months, antigovernment protests have gripped Hong Kong, with anger rising over China’s growing influence. Here are tactics the Chinese government is using to frame the narrative.


Indonesian protesters burn down local...
worldIndonesian protesters burn down local parliament building over anger over Papua students' detentionkh
Protesters in Indonesia's eastern province of Papua set fire to tires and buildings, according to media reports and an official. A local parliament on Monday following a protest against detention


Every Flavor Of Game Fuel Reviewed...
gamingreviewEvery Flavor Of Game Fuel Reviewed And Then Mixed Together
A few weeks ago I bought a can of Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel and reviewed it. I hated it. It sucked. Evidently, this angered some people on the internet. I guess some folks really love Game Fuel? Between comments calling me names and people yelling


Just the one word in the phrase...
entertainmentJust the one word in the phrase "Stung the River Sangke" angers the headkh
Battambang: “Most people who know me often say that I like to write songs that describe the scene. Of the Sangker River and the story of life in Battambang »


Laotian Khmer! Faces of missing...
cambodiasocialLaotian Khmer! Faces of missing boyfriends not seen drinking alcohol, beating small children, angerkh
Her actions and her acting skills are similar to those of her character in the Thai drama The People Many are already aware of Lam Yong's actions in the Thai drama, which she is addicted to poker


Trump Administration Approves F-16...
worldTrump Administration Approves F-16 Fighter Jet Sales to Taiwan
The $8 billion arms package, the single largest from the United States to Taiwan in years, is certain to anger China and could complicate the trade war.




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