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Rockstar rolls out its new PC...
gamingRockstar rolls out its new PC launcher, gives away San Andreas to anyone who installs it
We're quickly hurtling toward a future where every major publisher has its own PC launcher. EA, Xbox, Activision-Blizzard, Ubisoft, Bethesda -- scratch that first sentence; we're basically already there. It's time to add one more to the lis...


Heroes of the Storm heads to the...
gamingheroes of the stormHeroes of the Storm heads to the 1920s in new Scarlet Heist event
Blizzard’s MOBA offering Heroes of the Storm is getting a new 1920s-themed event, The Scarlet Heist. Teased over Twitter by way of a single image, the upcoming event will include new skins for playable characters Junkrat, Sft. Hammer, Orphea, and


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Overwatch has a Lego Bastion skin up...
gamingbastionoverwatchOverwatch has a Lego Bastion skin up for grabs right now
Welp, I guess it's time for me to get my copy of Overwatch up to date and head back in, if only for an evening. Blizzard has reimagined Bastion as a colorful Lego creation, and folks, I can't miss out. The new legendary-tier


World of Warcraft Players Are...
gamingworld of warcraftWorld of Warcraft Players Are Migrating From Fan Servers To WoW Classic
“I couldn’t help it,” said Ash, one of the dedicated World of Warcraft fans who’d helped manage illicit fan servers for years, of his decision to play Blizzard’s official World of Warcraft Classic. “I just wanted to stop working on privately owned


2019's BlizzCon key art puts...
gamingoverwatchheroes of the storm2019's BlizzCon key art puts Overwatch front and center, surprisingly reps Heroes of the Storm
Blizzard is gearing up for another BlizzCon this year, and the key art is set in stone. Revealed this past weekend the piece definitely centers around Overwatch and World of Warcraft (with Tracer and Sylvanas in the frontlines), but there's...


World of Warcraft Classic servers are...
gamingworld of warcraftWorld of Warcraft Classic servers are back online after a wave of DDoS attacks
Blizzard says that “some players may experience persistent login issues.”


WoW Classic DOWN: Blizzard confirm...
gamingWoW Classic DOWN: Blizzard confirm new WoW DDoS attack on servers
BLIZZARD has confirmed that WoW Classic servers are down again due to a second World of Warcraft DDoS attack.


World Of Warcraft Classic Is...
gamingworld of warcraftWorld Of Warcraft Classic Is Currently Facing DDoS Attacks And Is Down For Many Players
World Of Warcraft Classic is currently down for some players. The issues have been happening since around 11 AM EST in the United States. Blizzard has confirmed that the game is currently facing DDoS attacks and is working to fix the issues and get


Blizzard DOWN: WoW Classic Server...
gamingBlizzard DOWN: WoW Classic Server Status latest, DDOS attack to be blamed?
BLIZZARD services are down with the latest WoW Classic Server Status news pointing to a potential DDOS attack.




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