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Type 2 diabetes: Four key lifestyle...
healthType 2 diabetes: Four key lifestyle tips to keep blood sugar levels in check
TYPE 2 diabetes requires a person to overhaul aspects of their lifestyle to ward off the threat of rising blood sugar levels. Fortunately, making healthy lifestyle decisions can help to regulate blood sugar levels - here are four key tips to keep


Mars horror: NASA discovery shows...
sciencenasaMars horror: NASA discovery shows deadly dangers astronauts would face on Red Planet trip
NASA has found that astronauts would risk their blood flowing in reverse on long haul missions, putting human trips to Mars at danger.


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Type 2 diabetes: Five main symptoms...
healthType 2 diabetes: Five main symptoms to look out for - have you experienced any of these?
TYPE 2 diabetes is a serious condition which affects a person’s blood sugar levels, and left untreated, serious health conditions can occur. Medical expert, Dr Haris Ruther offers advice on spotting the symptoms and tips on how to deal with them.


Pity! Daughter screams for blood + O...
cambodiapoliticsPity! Daughter screams for blood + O to save lives of Russian hospitalized motherkh
PHNOM PENH - A woman has contacted the TVFB to help her find an O + blood donor to save her mother.


Finally! Now caught and hippie using...
cambodiasocialFinally! Now caught and hippie using a sword to kill a young man riding a motorcycle, causing death in a pool of blood ... (Video)kh
Svay Rieng Province: November 10, 2019 at 18:40 at the front of the river front hall in the village of Rattanak Village, Sangkat Svay Rieng, Svay Rieng City, Svay Rieng Province.


Help Khmer people! Daughter screams...
cambodiapoliticsHelp Khmer people! Daughter screams for blood + to save lives of Russian hospitalized mother ...kh
PHNOM PENH - A woman has contacted the TVFB to help spread awareness about O + blood donors to the rescue of her mother in an emergency at a Russian hospital.


A young woman was struck by a car in...
cambodiaaccidentA young woman was struck by a car in a blood-soaked car on National Highway 4kh
Kompong Speu: A traffic accident between a car and motorbike resulted in the death of a person on National Road 4 between Km 39-40 in Sla Village, Vil Slor Commune, Samrong Tong District, Kampong Speu Province on November 12.


Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms:...
healthVitamin B12 deficiency symptoms: Experiencing this symptom in your eyes could be a warning
VITAMIN B12 is crucial to the normal function of the brain and the nervous system. It is also involved in the formation of red blood cells and helps to create and regulate DNA. Experiencing this unusual sign in your eyes could be a warning sign.


South Korea Stops Stream of Blood...
worldsouth koreanorth koreaSouth Korea Stops Stream of Blood From Culled Pigs
Towns near the border with North Korea were alarmed when a stream turned red after pigs were culled over fear of African swine fever.


Complete Website Design In Under...
learninguxComplete Website Design In Under Three Weeks with Webflow
At Hello Heart, we help people with high blood pressure track, understand and improve their health. We are a B2B2C startup, meaning our…




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