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Toxic ! Doing Police, Ministry of...
khToxic ! Doing Police, Ministry of Interior drunk, drive truck collide, blunt but refuse to take responsibility
Phnom Penh: A man who is a smoker, a motorcyclist who crosses the road, is not careful, was also arrested by a man known as a drunk police official, was hit by a truck accidentally injuring a motorcycle man injured


Deepening US-Chinese Trade War Sparks...
worldDeepening US-Chinese Trade War Sparks Unease on Capitol Hill
Concern prevails on Capitol Hill after China retaliated against new round of American tariffs by hiking duties on U.S.-made goods


Rage 2 Review - A Blunted Bloodbath |...
gamingRage 2 Review - A Blunted Bloodbath | Game Informer
For all of its attempts at garish glitter, Rage 2 is a muted, cliché, and uninspiring experience that's propped up by spectacular shooting and neverending battles that sometimes live up to the promise of a carnival of carnage.


iPhone hard hit as global smartphone...
technologymobileiPhone hard hit as global smartphone shipments continue nosedive
The smartphone industry is in rough shape. Sundar Pichai used the word “headwinds” to discuss the company’s difficulties moving Pixel 3 units, but Canalys’ latest report is far more blunt, describing the situation as a “freefall.” Things are pretty ugly i


Devil May Cry 5 has wrapped, so don't...
gamingDevil May Cry 5 has wrapped, so don't expect any more DLC
V has (not) come toI'll be blunt. Hearing that Capcom isn't planning any more DLC for Devil May Cry 5 stings a bit. Without spoiling anything, there are a few obvious crowd-pleasing directions the developers could take with further post-launch support. Th

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