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E-cigarettes change blood vessels...
healthE-cigarettes change blood vessels after just one use, study says
A new study is the latest to show changes in cardiovascular function after vaping e-liquids, though in this case, those liquids didn't even contain nicotine.


What's next for Eric Garner's family...
worldusaWhat's next for Eric Garner's family now that the NYPD officer has been fired
The officer accused of killing Eric Garner more than five years ago was fired on Monday, but members of the Garner family said that change still must come.


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The 'Boy Meets World' cast reunion...
entertainmentThe 'Boy Meets World' cast reunion shows just how much TV can inspire a generation
When Cory Matthews began exploring this great big world, a generation of TV viewers were changed forever. And the recent cast reunion of "Boy Meets World" is a reminder of that.


After Radiation Sensors Blink Off,...
worldrussiaAfter Radiation Sensors Blink Off, Russia’s Explanations Change
Sensors that might have shed light on a mysterious nuclear accident stopped sending data in the days afterward. Technical problems were blamed. Then an official said Russia did not have to share data.


Climate Change Debate Censored in...
technologyClimate Change Debate Censored in Canada Because of One Jackass Candidate
My in-laws are Canadian and thus prone to frequent bouts of trashing the broken American political system and then immediately apologizing (with the exception of my brother-in-law Dan who is a true asshole). Well, the joke’s on you, suckers. Now


This Porsche Taycan prototype was...
technologycarsThis Porsche Taycan prototype was driven 2,128 miles in just 24 hours
A Porsche Taycan prototype recently went to Italy's Nardo test track for a 24-hour endurance test. The electric car covered over 2,000 miles in that time, stopping only for recharging and driver changes. Porsche said the Taycan averaged 121 mph to


How Pose Changed Hollywood in Just 2...
entertainmentHow Pose Changed Hollywood in Just 2 Short Seasons
The season two finale of FX's groundbreaking drama airs Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 10 p.m.

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Path of Exile's next update mixes...
gamingpath of exilePath of Exile's next update mixes tower defense with fungal alchemy
Path of Exile: Blight arrives on September 6 and introduces some major changes to the core loop of killing and looting.


Fitbit cofounders James Park and Eric...
technologyFitbit cofounders James Park and Eric Friedman are coming to Disrupt SF
Ten years ago, a hardware startup launched a fitness device on stage at TechCrunch 50. The $99 gadget combined a pedometer with a diet monitoring system, designed to help wearers meet their fitness goals. Of course, a lot has changed for Fitbit in


Latest news, of course! Quiet Vanilla...
cambodiapoliticsLatest news, of course! Quiet Vanilla changes his mind and days as ...kh
Nella, the daughter of the son of Victor, Nella has always made fans laugh and forget about her past performance, Nila is beautiful not only other young stars, but also especially talented. CTN comedian and actor




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