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Muslim nations are defending China as...
worldasiaMuslim nations are defending China as it cracks down on Muslims, shattering any myths of Islamic solidarity
Last week, a number of Muslim-majority countries praised China's human rights record, dismissing reports of a widespread crackdown on Muslims there. Experts say it's proof of Beijing's growing power.


China holds drills in Taiwan Strait,...
worldasiaChina holds drills in Taiwan Strait, calls for sanctions against US companies
The Chinese government held military drills off the coast of Taiwan as tensions rise between Beijing and Washington over US support for the island that China views as a renegade province.


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Taiwan Pledges 'Humanitarian'...
worldchinaTaiwan Pledges 'Humanitarian' Assistance to Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Protesters
An unknown number of Hong Kong protesters are already in Taiwan, seeking to avoid arrest and prosecution over their role in the anti-extradition campaign.


Prosecutors in China's Sichuan Pin...
worldchinaProsecutors in China's Sichuan Pin 'Illegal Business" Charge on Early Rain Pastor
Wang Yi, founder of the Early Rain Covenant Church, now stands accused of running an 'illegal business,' while many church members remain under close surveillance.


South China Sea Standoff Likely...
worldvietnamSouth China Sea Standoff Likely Signals China’s ‘Push of Maritime Claims’ Amid Vietnam Backdown
Experts suggest Beijing is making a push for resources Hanoi cancelled exploration for in recent years.


Chinese Smart Card Firm Collecting...
worldchinaChinese Smart Card Firm Collecting Hong Kong People's Data at Border Checkpoints
The development has been low-key, but is raising alarm bells among political commentators who fear the further erosion of Hong Kong's status as a separate jurisdiction.


China strengthens trade in soybeans...
worldChina strengthens trade in soybeans with Russia to replace imports from the US 19 July 2019 9:59 pmkh
While China is looking to supply a new soybean substitute instead of the US, Chinese Commerce Minister Zhong Shan agreed with his Russian counterpart to strengthen Soybeans trade and other agricultural products during a meeting


China's debt rose to 300 percent of...
worldChina's debt rose to 300 percent of GDP as economic growth slowed to 19, Jul 2019, 7:39 pmkh
The total debt of China's economy has surpassed its strongest in the first quarter of 2019. According to a new report from the International Monetary Fund (IIF). The rise of debt comes as Beijing takes a number of major steps


Heavy! A Chinese commercial has been...
entertainmentkoreanHeavy! A Chinese commercial has been criticized for copying BLACKPINK's video almost completely.kh
KFC China is under great criticism from social media players after a video of the company seems to copy actions Completely from BLACKPINK's "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" video.


China's Tiangong-2 space lab to fall...
worldasiaChina's Tiangong-2 space lab to fall to Earth in controlled demolition
China's second space lab will return to Earth in a controlled demolition Friday, according to the country's space agency.



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