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Donald Trump summoned the US Congress...
worldDonald Trump summoned the US Congress speaker as "discriminatory and nervous"kh
(Washington): US President Donald Trump considers Nancy Pelosi's remarks that his administration is hiding a number of crimes, including the statement of discrimination and even calling on the American president


US Congress is also eager to prevent...
worldUS Congress is also eager to prevent arms sales to Saudi Arabiakh
US House of Representatives introduced the measures of the two parties on Wednesday to prevent the sale of Presidents'


Why are sick 9/11 heroes begging...
worldusaWhy are sick 9/11 heroes begging Congress for money?
The fund created to cover medical costs for 9/11-related illnesses is at risk of running out.


Chan Sarun's National People's...
cambodiaChan Sarun's National People's Congress held a meeting and shared national dumplings with citizens in Tram Kak district, Takeo province.kh
(Takeo): Chan Sarun, representatives of Takeo district in the morning of June 9, 2019, gave a donation to the monk and organized a diner with locals in Tram Kak district, Takeo province with the most enjoyable and intimate atmosphere.


Senior Minister Othsman Hassan hosted...
cambodiaSenior Minister Othsman Hassan hosted a congress in which Cambodia represented a special envoy for the OICkh
(Phnom Penh): On the evening of May 7, 2019, Special Envoy Minister Osam Hashan held a congratulatory ceremony for his appointment as the Special Envoy of Cambodia to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation


The president of the US Congress told...
worldThe president of the US Congress told Democrats she wanted Trump to go to jailkh
Washington: Nancy Pelosi, president of the US Congress, told a Democrat at a closed-door meeting on Thursday that Donald Trump should be sent to jail.


Peru Congress Gives Vote of...
worldPeru Congress Gives Vote of Confidence to Government
Vote comes after a marathon debate centered on President Martin Vizcarra's effort at passing anti-corruption measures


Congress Is Debating—Again—Whether...
technologyCongress Is Debating—Again—Whether Genes Can Be Patented
Critics worry that a new bill would overturn existing protections of DNA sequences and carve up the world's genetic resources into commercial fiefdoms.


China's Export of Authoritarianism...
worldChina's Export of Authoritarianism Explored on Capitol Hill
Three decades after Tiananmen Square crackdown, Congress worries Beijing is exporting tools for repression



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