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ITV GMB stars warn Boris and Corbyn...
entertainmentITV GMB stars warn Boris and Corbyn ‘backed into a corner’ over Brexit
ITV GOOD MORNING BRITAIN hosts Ranvir Singh and Charlotte Hawkins gave their thoughts on the Brexit crisis during an interview with Express.co.uk at the TV Choice Awards. But, Ranvir, who often debates politicians on the ITV show, revealed she


Piers Corbyn blasts UN over 'direct...
sciencePiers Corbyn blasts UN over 'direct propaganda' of new climate change training scheme
PIERS CORBYN said a new training scheme the United Nations is promoting to increase teachers' knowledge of climate change is "extremely worrying" and accused the international organisation of making "direct propaganda" aimed at "brainwashing"


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Julian Fellowes: ‘Very hard to...
entertainmentJulian Fellowes: ‘Very hard to believe’ Downtown Abbey creator speaks out on Jeremy Corbyn
JULIAN FELLOWES, the creator of Downtown Abbey, revealed his thoughts Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ever coming into power as he discussed his political views in a new candid interview.


Piers Morgan ridicules Labour for...
entertainmentPiers Morgan ridicules Labour for wanting to campaign against own Brexit deal ‘madness!'
PIERS Morgan lambasted Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit position on Good Morning Britain (GMB), ridiculing the “staggering” plan which would see his Labour Party campaign against a new deal they brokered with the EU.


ITV GMB: 'He's frightened' Sajid...
entertainmentITV GMB: 'He's frightened' Sajid Javid blasts Jeremy Corbyn over general election U-turn
ITV GOOD MORNING BRITAIN welcomes Sajid Javid onto the show today to chat about the latest developments with Brexit and Boris Johnson’s calls for a General Election and he made it very clear how he feels about Jeremy Corbyn.


Jeremy Clarkson fears government 'led...
entertainmentJeremy Clarkson fears government 'led by raving Marxist' in anti-Corbyn Brexit rant
JEREMY CLARKSON hit out at British politicians as he launched into a rant about the state of the country and Brexit in a recent column, appearing to hit out at Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn.


Rachel Riley: Countdown host...
entertainmentRachel Riley: Countdown host addresses Jacob Rees-Mogg as she states Jeremy Corbyn concern
RACHEL RILEY took to Twitter to speak out on the viral image of Jacob Rees-Mogg lounging in the House of Commons during Brexit debates, as the Countdown presenter addressed the possibility of a Jeremy Corbyn government.


Rachel Riley: Countdown star on...
entertainmentRachel Riley: Countdown star on Sharon Osbourne’s epic Jeremy Corbyn 'ugly f**k' rant
RACHEL RILEY, who is a fan-favourite on Twitter, addressed Sharon Osbourne’s outburst against Jeremy Corbyn who called the Labour leader an “arrogant, ugly f**k” and joked she is “sitting on the fence”.


Anti-Brexit Lawmakers Try...
worldAnti-Brexit Lawmakers Try Cooperating, for a Change
Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, agreed to shelve his plan to topple Prime Minister Boris Johnson next week in favor of a legislative challenge to a no-deal Brexit.




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