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Chinese doctors warn that corona...
cambodiapoliticsChinese doctors warn that corona patients who have been cured may still be infectedkh
Some patients are still infected with the coronavirus even though they have improved after treatment, a specialist said.


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Corona can stay in the patient for up...
lifeCorona can stay in the patient for up to 27 days without symptomskh
A 70-year-old man in the Hubei province of China, who is in possession of a "nest" of the coronavirus COVID-19, said a 70-year-old man was in critical condition. The province has been infected with Corona for up to 27 days without any symptoms


83-year-old woman from Westerdam may...
life83-year-old woman from Westerdam may have respiratory illness, but not Coronakh
“All the tourists from the Westerdam have recently docked at the port of Sihanoukville No one has the coronavirus, ”a spokeswoman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.


Prices are rising in North Korea...
cambodiarealestatePrices are rising in North Korea following the closure of the border due to the Corona viruskh
North Korea's consumer prices appear to be rising as the country closes its border in response to the deadly cholera outbreak in China. Ministry of Unification of Prussia


Scientists lead anti-Corona group in...
cambodiarealestateScientists lead anti-Corona group in Hubei province warns that patients who are admitted to the hospital but are likely to continue to have the diseasekh
A surprising article published on the website qz.com on Friday reported that a well-known expert said that coronary patients who have been approved or proven negative will be able to keep the virus. Remains in the body and can cause the same problem again


Corona blasts in South Korea...
entertainmentCorona blasts in South Korea Authorities tell more than 2 million people not to go outkh
In just 24 hours, South Korea has found twice as many Corona virus infected people A total of 156 infections have been reported and one death has been reported in the outbreak


An American woman who came from...
entertainmentAn American woman who came from Cambodia, who is known to be infected with Corona, is now free of the viruskh
According to Malaysia, an American woman traveling from Cambodia to Malaysia was found to have the corona virus The test is now free of viruses, and the Malaysian confirmation comes after they have taken several tests


Finally! China produces Corona...
sportsFinally! China produces Corona vaccine against cholerakh
US scientists in Texas have confirmed to reporters that they have found the vaccine for Corona virus after work The successful mice test, according to the article published by Dailymail scientists




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