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Japan to declare state of emergency...
worldasiaJapan to declare state of emergency over coronavirus pandemic
Much of Japan will enter a state of emergency Tuesday, as the country struggles to rein in the coronavirus pandemic, months after the first domestic cases were reported.


Coronavirus: Scientists question...
healthCoronavirus: Scientists question school closures impact
Countries should now question whether keeping schools shut is justified, says one team of scientists.


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Facing a crisis that rivals Pearl...
worldFacing a crisis that rivals Pearl Harbor, world's superpower pleads for coronavirus aid
The world's richest and most powerful country is getting used to something new: asking allies for life-saving, coronavirus-related medical equipment.


Coronavirus Live Updates: Boris...
worldCoronavirus Live Updates: Boris Johnson Moved to I.C.U. The Coronavirus Outbreak
A senior White House official warned President Trump in January that a pandemic would cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars. Mr. Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, asked the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, to fill in “where necessary.”


While US nears 11,000 deaths, White...
healthWhile US nears 11,000 deaths, White House remains optimistic about early effects of social distancing measures
The US coronavirus death toll is nearing 11,000 as the country prepares for what the President said will be a "difficult" week and a half.


Spain’s Coronavirus Crisis...
scienceSpain’s Coronavirus Crisis Accelerated as Warnings Went UnheededLatest Updates: Coronavirus Outbreak The Coronavirus Outbreak
The Spanish epidemic has become a painful example of the tendency of one government after another to ignore the experiences of countries where the virus has already struck.


BREAKING: COVID-19 cases worldwide...
worldBREAKING: COVID-19 cases worldwide reach 1.34 million people and kill 7.40 million, the 10 worst-hit countrieskh
(VOVworld) - The number of COVID-19 cases has risen to 1,346,566, with a total of 74,697 deaths and There are 278,695 people recovered in 209 countries and territories worldwide


Sen. Lindsey Graham calls for world...
worldusapandemicSen. Lindsey Graham calls for world to "send China a bill" for the coronavirus pandemic
The South Carolina lawmaker also hinted that U.S. medical supply chains with the country should be cut in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.


70 percent of coronavirus deaths in...
worldusa70 percent of coronavirus deaths in Louisiana are African Americans, despite being 33 percent of the population
The coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately impacted minority communities in many areas of the country.


China's Virus Pandemic Epicenter...
worldasiaChina's Virus Pandemic Epicenter Wuhan Ends 76-Day Lockdown
The lockdown that served as a model for countries battling the coronavirus around the world is set to end after 11 weeks: Chinese authorities are moving to allow residents of Wuhan to once again travel in and out of the sprawling city where the




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