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Veterans denounce "unforgivable"...
worldusaVeterans denounce "unforgivable" decision to remove U.S. Navy Capt. Brett Crozier, who asked for help with ship's COVID-19 outbreak
Thomas Modly, the acting secretary of the Navy, said he had "lost confidence" in Crozier's ability to lead after plea letter leaked to press.


Sailors cheer for Navy commander who...
worldusaSailors cheer for Navy commander who sounded Covid-19 alarmSailors cheer for Navy commander who sounded Covid-19 alarm
Commander of a US aircraft carrier Captain Brett Crozier was relieved of his duties after sending out a memo sounding the alarm about Covid-19. Crozier received applause and chants from Navy soldiers during his sendoff.


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Doctor's message to her kids: 'If...
worldusaDoctor's message to her kids: 'If they lose me to COVID, I want them to know Mommy tried really hard'
After a weekend spent on call in a New York City hospital, one doctor posted a message for her kids with a raw and honest view of what it's like to be a healthcare worker on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak.


Ankle monitors ordered for...
worldusastayAnkle monitors ordered for Louisville, Kentucky residents exposed to Covid-19 who refuse to stay home
Louisville, Kentucky residents who have been in contact with coronavirus patients and refusing to isolate themselves are being made to wear ankle bracelets.


Why You Should Flush With The Lid...
scienceWhy You Should Flush With The Lid Down: Experts Warn Of Fecal-Oral Transmission Of Covid-19
80% of particle transmission can be prevented by shutting the lid when flushing.


Google's COVID-19 location data shows...
technologyGoogle's COVID-19 location data shows regions that are violating lockdown orders.
Google has unveiled the COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports in an effort to help public health officials understand how people are moving about in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The reports show location data from folks who have agreed to


Now's the time to quit smoking: It...
healthNow's the time to quit smoking: It could increase your odds of beating Covid-19
With the novel coronavirus well into its global pandemic phase, the science on quitting smoking offers welcome news if you're looking to do what you can to build up your defenses against Covid-19.


EMTs in New York instructed not to...
worldusaEMTs in New York instructed not to bring cardiac arrest patients to hospital if no pulse is found after administering CPR
New York City Emergency Medical Service (EMS) teams who cannot find or restart a pulse while administering CPR on adult cardiac arrest patients have been instructed not to bring those patients to hospitals to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 exposure


The Ministry of Health identified...
cambodiapoliticsThe Ministry of Health identified four more new cases of cholera, while one new healer totaled 35 and is recovering 79 of 114 total infections.kh
PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) - The Ministry of Health has identified an additional four new HIV infections (COVID-19), while a total of 19 new HIV infections have been reported, bringing the total to 35. In total 79 people were infected, up to 114...


Videos show Navy captain Brett...
worldusaVideos show Navy captain Brett Crozier's crew cheering him off ship after he was relieved for sounding alarm on COVID-19
Sailors seen chanting "Captian Crozier" out of respect as he leaves the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt in Guam.




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