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India’s Former Finance Minister Dies...
worldasiaindiaIndia’s Former Finance Minister Dies at 66
India’s former finance minister, Arun Jaitley, died Saturday in a New Delhi hospital months after he stepped away from the job due to deteriorating health. A close associate of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the 66-year-old Jaitley was credited with


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Apple: Our Precious Credit Card Must...
technologymobileappleApple: Our Precious Credit Card Must Be Handled Like a Delicate Flower From Heaven
This week, the Apple Card became available to the masses, but early adopters who choose to also obtain the physical card in addition to an iPhone-based one may want to store their delicate sliver of titanium in a vacuum-sealed glass box.


Apple warns against storing its...
technologyappleApple warns against storing its titanium credit card in leather
Apple's metal credit card might stain if you put it in... well, normal places.


Apple Card Makes Credit Cool
technologyappleApple Card Makes Credit Cool
A look at why Apple Card is so appealing to consumers.


The Apple Card is not just a credit...
technologymobileappleThe Apple Card is not just a credit card, it is Apple's secret weapon to sell large numbers of iPhoneskh
According to Business Insider, Apple's first and most innovative credit card will be available to US consumers this week as first-time users can access it. Appreciate the convenience


Steven Universe: The Movie Is a...
technologySteven Universe: The Movie Is a Mindblowingly Heartfelt, Musical Masterpiece
From the moment Steven Universe: The Movie’s sumptuously-produced opening credits begin rolling, you can see how Rebecca Sugar really, really wasn’t being subtle earlier this year. She explained how the Crewniverse had been secretly preparing for


Who gets to own your digital identity?
technologyWho gets to own your digital identity?
Even though anonymity is still a hot topic and sought after in the online world, times have changed.


Finding Fraud Part One - DZone Security
learningsecurityFinding Fraud Part One - DZone Security
In this article, we discuss how to better find causal relationships with Neo4j in order to detect fraud with user, merchant, and transaction data.




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