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Why It Took Jennifer's Body 10 Years...
entertainmentWhy It Took Jennifer's Body 10 Years to Get the Respect It Always Deserved
Diablo Cody's ill-fated follow-up to Juno, starring Megan Fox in the titular role, was released a decade ago on September 18, 2009.


Pagan Online review
gamingreviewpagan onlinePagan Online review
Combining the loot-fest of Diablo with MOBA-style heroes.


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I'm Suddenly Proud Of The Collector's...
gamingworld of warcraftI'm Suddenly Proud Of The Collector's Edition World Of Warcraft Pets I've Had Since 2004
I never intended to have tiny Diablo, zergling, and Panda pets following me around World of Warcraft. Purchasing the collector’s edition of the original game back in 2004, where these three rare in-game companions were a bonus, was a fluke. Now I’ve


6 upcoming mobile games to watch out...
gamingnintendo6 upcoming mobile games to watch out for in 2019 and beyond
Check out what's on the horizon for the next year and beyond in smartphone gaming


Hades' reign of Epic Games Store...
gaminghadesHades' reign of Epic Games Store exclusivity ends in December
Hades was one of the first games announced for the Epic Games Store, before the PC platform wars had really started. Developed by Supergiant Games (of Bastion fame), the art style was on point and the Diablo-like gameplay swayed a lot ...

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